the one with the "Smokey and the Bandit" card


Everyone loves getting snail mail, right?  You know, the kind of stuff in our mailbox that we maybe check every other day or so?  Most of the time it's  junk mail, catalogs or bills.  UGH.  But hello!  Not today!  How cute is this card?  It's from a company in NM called Power and Light Press.  A client sent it this to me in the mail with these words.

Hi, Kristin.
Thank you for truly going above and beyond coming out to Marfa and shooting our wedding weekend!  We couldn't have dreamed of a better photographer - hope to work with you again!
Sara and John

I normally don't toot my horn, but I couldn't resist with this cute card.  Hands down, one of my favorite weddings weekends EVER!  

If you are planning a wedding weekend, contact me.  I love WEDDING WEEKENDS!


the one with location problems

A  photographer I follow has her clients choose the location for photographing their engagement sessions. This always amazes me because in my 15 years of shooting, I've never had a client suggest that. They may have an idea or two, but they have enough to think about without also having to come up with locations. And let's face it, most of the locations I choose involve the light more then anything.  It trumps it all. 

Ben and Carli before prom, April 2016.

Ben and Carli before prom, April 2016.

I choose the Garden and Arts Center a lot. It's a good meeting place. Easy to get to, nice parking lot, pretty green pretty stuff, and with girls in heels?  A great walking path.  I choose this as our meeting place when I photographed some Wildcats before prom.  It did not disappoint!

Pretty Wildcats before Prom, April 2016.

Pretty Wildcats before Prom, April 2016.

I'm not the only photographer that uses it. It's become like the Windmill place I used forever ago. Everyone starts using the same pretty places and soon you have a line of people waiting with their photographer for the pretty flower garden area. I don't like waiting when there's light to be chased, so typically I keep moving and we find our own little corner of the garden.

De Los Santos sisters, Christmas 2015.

De Los Santos sisters, Christmas 2015.

The last few times I've used the garden, a prop photographer has been camped out by the flower garden with her multitude of props and her clients waiting patiently, the adults anyway, for their time with her. The first few times I saw her, I was ok with it. I get that's it's public and everyone has a right to be there. But lately?  I've gotten a bit cranky when I see her there because I just don't get it. Why all the props?  If you are going to shoot props then what does it matter where?  Go to your garage, set up a backdrop and fire away?  Your not photographing moments, you are creating staged photography with props that you are using on everyone.  So, any space will practically do and besides,  you are hogging the space so much and for so long, that it's almost impossible to stroll through the garden for our 5 minutes that we need for our shots. 

The Agnew Family, Fall 2015.

The Agnew Family, Fall 2015.

But I don't say anything.  It would be rude.  Rude for me and especially rude in front of her clients.  So, cranky aside, tonight when I went there with my fabulous clients, I beat her to the punch.  She wasn't there!  We had a leisurely stroll and then walked up the path to make our way back to our cars. It was then that I saw her arriving, props in hand.  I immediately felt the anger leave when I realized I was free to explore and chase more fabulous light, while she was stuck in a corner of the garden, props and kids, regurgitating the same thing out of her camera. 

Now please don't misunderstand me.  I get this.  I get that some people love props and cute kids with bunnies and fake flowers and such.  I get that!  That's fine.  It's just not what I love.  I love light and moments and happy people. 

So, to each his own.  To each his own path and own way of light.  Just be mindful of others when you are camped out every weekend in the same place.  HELLO!  We might want to stroll.  You know?

Hannah, August 2015.

Hannah, August 2015.

Kudos to all photographers, props or not, that are working hard preserving families and moments.  And thank you, pretty garden for providing a place we can all use and love.

Love Does,

Danae and son, Knox, Christmas 2014.

Danae and son, Knox, Christmas 2014.

the one where I give up sleep

Sweet baby Kanga working with me in the office.  

Sweet baby Kanga working with me in the office.  

We are in the season of Lent.  Lent is a season of the Christian Year where Christians focus on simple living, prayer, and fasting. For years, our family has given up sweets together. Not hard for Devin, he's not a girl. But Hello!  Women reading this know that a girl needs her sweets. Especially the one time during that 40 days. 😳  This year we all went our separate ways and decided to do our own thing of sacrifice.  I choose, as did Devin, to attend daily mass.  Some of you would say, "that's not a sacrifice. It's a choice and one all good Catholics  should make. It's a price ledge to partake of the Body of Christ. It's a gift."

Oh, but you see it is a sacrifice. A huge one for me who is typically in her jammies pants until 10 am.  


I'm giving up sleep.  

what did you choose to sacrifice this season? 


The one where I discuss purses


I haven't carried a purse since 2013, or was it earlier then that?  Now that I think back, quite possibly when the girls were in high school is when I gave up the beast.  I would photograph their basketball games and have my gear with me so I would throw my wallet in my gear bag. Maybe a lip chap or two.  And then when I bought my Honda Pilot I gave it up for real. Have you seen the inside of a Pilot?  Hello!  It's like the perfect purse. There's a place for your Kleenex, you lip balm, even your rosary beads. It's the bomb, I'm telling you. I just slowly filled it up with all the things I used to carry in my purse. Ok. So it was a bit irritating in church and the hubs would ask for a Kleenex and I'd have to say "they are in in the car". Oh, he loved that!  But for the most part, I've enjoyed the freedom of not being confined to my bag.  Now I have missed the search.  You know, the old purse is looking pretty worn out and you go through Dillards, or Macy's or TJMAX and start the search for the perfect bag.  I even kind of miss organizing them. I would do that at the UPS counter while I waited for them to ship my prints. I was always picky about the purses I bought. Lots of thought and looking went into each purchase. I would carry them for at least a year, some even more. And because of the search and attachment, I would keep them all.  They live in a drawer in my closet.  I pull them out and look at them every once in a while.  I pulled this one out the other day to run errands. To see if I missed it. Needed it. My iPad fit into it. That was cool. I've carried it a day now. It seems heavy. It slows me down at the counter where I shop. An extra step in putting away the wallet. Not sure if it will survive the next 24 hours. Tomorrow's shooting day. We'll see.

Anyone else here bag less?

the one with the BIG ASS fireworks show @ Pirate Stadium

Last night...  There are moments when I'm so happy and proud to be a Pirate!  Last night was one of them. The Pirate Nation was filled with Americans celebrating the 4th of July!!!  Cars and people were everywhere!  Social media was lighting up like crazy!  Everyone was visiting and sharing and taking selfies and just enjoying the evening. 

My family enjoyed it, too. The girls and Devin came after the Bull Stop closed. Grandma and Chief joined us as well.  We parked at St. Ramon's and watched for well over an hour. Then we ran into my Fed Ex guy (and Brett Salas's uncle, ahhh!  What's his name?!?!) and visited with them for a while. They were having a party across the street. And after the show, they walked the parking lot and picked up all the trash that was left behind. Not ours of citrate, but how cool are they?!?!  

That's what I love about West Texas towns. SLATON and Cooper look out for each other. Pray for each other. Celebrate each other. 

Happy Birthday America!  And thank you, Grimes Dentistry. Awesome show!!!  

Love does,



the one where I blog from my phone, Father's Day pictures

My blog is really pissing me off. I can't post pictures from the desktop version but from the app?  No problem. It's driving me crazy. But I need to blog!!!  So I'm trying from my iPhone. Not easy when you have fat thumbs like me. We celebrated Father's Day with some cooking. Yep. When you juice non-stop you plan all your celebrations around food. And you dream it about it. Oh how you dream about it!  Lol 

Devin slow cooked some ribs and chicken and I threw together a few sides. I don't eat meat and haven't for a couple of years. But when the man slow cooks some yard birds, I can't resist!  So I "cheated" a bit.  

Okay I cheated a lot. Hello!  I also made some homemade chocolate brownies that were total YUM!!!  So, no meat but definitely calories. 

The girls had given Devin his gift earlier in the day.  4 of the top rated beers in the country. Super cool for him!  He's really getting into all these beers thanks to the Bull Stop. 

Only thing that could have been better?  Hugging my own Dad. 

Happy Father's. Day!