The Hines Family in Saddleclub | Lubbock Family Photographer

Okay, remember a few weeks ago, when I posted this? Well, the Hines Family was the first to respond. I'm so glad they did! Not very many neighbors have responded, and that's fine. I understand, it's a CRAZY time of year. Lots of games to go to, lots of laundry, cooking, cleaning, sigh.

But how much MORE fun is it to meet your neighbors and make beautiful photographs together? HUH? HUH?

Meet the Hines Family! They have horses and cats and an awesome storage pantry. I've been in all these houses as they were built so it's fun to come back and see them decorated and really a HOME.

Thank you, Hines Family! Let's get together and barbecue real soon. :)

On to the "sneak peek". The full gallery will be up in just a bit!

Okay, you know how siblings can be. I live with two and they are at each other's throats some day, loving the next. So, you never know what day you are going to get. I think I got a little bit of both in my mini session with these two! But gosh, they photograph great!

Beautiful girl!

Nice looking kid. (Can I really call a teenage boy younger then me, HOT? I don't think so, but I'm in love with his hair.)

My broody teenage shot. He could pull the serious pretty well.

Check out her eyes! GORGEOUS! Very cute couple.

Gotta get the girls.

And then the guys. Please note, Dad's beer hold. They are, after all, "at the bar". LOL

More broody teenager.

Fun family!And then the horses! This was a hoot trying to get 6 heads in one place and 4 of those heads not be slobbered on!

Thank you, Hines Family!