the one where I give up sleep

Sweet baby Kanga working with me in the office.  

Sweet baby Kanga working with me in the office.  

We are in the season of Lent.  Lent is a season of the Christian Year where Christians focus on simple living, prayer, and fasting. For years, our family has given up sweets together. Not hard for Devin, he's not a girl. But Hello!  Women reading this know that a girl needs her sweets. Especially the one time during that 40 days. 😳  This year we all went our separate ways and decided to do our own thing of sacrifice.  I choose, as did Devin, to attend daily mass.  Some of you would say, "that's not a sacrifice. It's a choice and one all good Catholics  should make. It's a price ledge to partake of the Body of Christ. It's a gift."

Oh, but you see it is a sacrifice. A huge one for me who is typically in her jammies pants until 10 am.  


I'm giving up sleep.  

what did you choose to sacrifice this season? 


the one with sweet Mia

We've been puppy sitting.

We've been puppy sitting one of Kanga's sweet babies.

Her name is Mia and she belongs to Coach Dilley.

We got to watch her over the weekend and had soooooo much fun! Kanga did, too, but I'm not sure Mia had as much fun as Kanga. She's looks just like her momma and in fact? I would get them confused when looking down on them because they look so much alike!

She's beautiful!

I think our neighbor also got a new puppy. So stay tuned, you may see more puppy pics!

the one with Darcee

We have one puppy left. We call her Darcee. She's a black, tri-color female and absolutely the cutest thing! I thought I would share photos only of her and see if anyone is interested.

Herre's a good shot of the ENTIRE litter. They are so much fun! But I am getting a little tired of the pee puddles.

If you are interested in seeing Darcee, just text or email me.



the one with two puppies

I haven't updated anyone on the puppies lately. Well, besides the ladies down at Heavenly Paws. They were asking about them. So they know. But we've sold 2 and have 2 left. Darcee and Big Rex are left. Darcee is a black tri-color female that I'm pretty sure will end up toy, like her momma. She's so tiny and sweet! I'm also pretty sure her eyes will stay brown or amber like her momma's. They've never been really blue one bit.

Big Rex, now, he's a totally different story. Those that have visited the puppies know that he's a whiner, but he's also the first to figure out how to escape anything. He's BIG and beautiful and just look at those eyes! He's a red merle and I'm pretty sure he's going to be pretty fluffy like his daddy. He's got gorgeous coloring and despite being pretty vocal, he has warmed our hearts around here.

Please contact me if you'd like to visit them. They have started nibbling on moist puppy chow, but will need at least another week with their momma before we can send them to their new homes.

Love does,


the one where the PUPPIES ARE FOR SALE

toy aussiesKanga is doing great!

She's such a good momma.

The puppies are 3 weeks old now and everyone has their eyes open. I'm officially posting my "Puppies for Sale" sign!

Here's the details.


Rex, Male, Red Merle, mini $650

Liam, Male, Blue Merle, toy $650 SOLD

Jadee, (Mia) Female, red Tri-color, toySOLD

Darcee, Female, Black, Tri-Color, toy $700

$250 is required to hold your puppy. The rest is due on pick up date, April 25th. They should be eating on their own at that point and doing great! If it's earlier, I'll let you know. If you'd like to pay cash or check, just contact me at the info below. Oh, and if you'd like to come and love on these cuties, come on by!!! They are adorable!!!!






the one with toy Australian Shepherd puppies, 2.0

toy australian shepherd puppiesIf you follow me on Instagram, you will know that Kanga was expecting. YEP. She had her 2.0 version of those cute adorable Toy Austrailian Shepherd Puppies! Sunday morning early, she went into labor. It started the same as before. She was restless, pacing, panting and staying close to my heels. I wasn't worried this time, so much, at least not at first. Everything started normally at first. By 7AM she had her first clear sack. That signals a puppy is close. All the articles I had read online said within 30 minutes to an hour or so. And many articles I read stated a warning that if you did not see a puppy within 2 hours to call your vet. I waited. No puppy. I called the vet. Remember this is a Sunday.


Not a good do to go see a vet. Only the emergency ones are on duty. $$$$

But the vet was very helpful and said sometimes it can take longer. She gave me some signs of distress to look for and told me to wait another hour or so. I waited. No puppy. And Kanga was acting different this labor. She was tossing her head back and making noises she didn't make before. That worried me.

So, needless to say, we ended up at the Small Animal Emergency Clinic and left with 4 puppies and one tired momma. Yep. C-section. Can you say CHA CHING! LOL But I'm just thankful the puppies are alive and even more so, Kanga is. Momma and puppies are doing just fine! Here's a sneak peek of them these first 4 days.

From top to bottom:

  • Liam, boy, red merle
  • Darcy, girl, black tri-color
  • Jadee, girl, red tricolor
  • Rex, boy, black merle

We are in LOVE!

toy australian shepherd puppiestoy australian shepherd puppies

toy australian shepherd puppiesKanga has done great with them. I was worried she wouldn't bond the same because of the surgery. Maybe they wouldn't smell like hers? I'm not sure. But she did. And she has. She's been pretty protective. But seems calmer this time. Maybe that has to do with this being litter 2? Not sure. But I'm just relieved I'm not bottle feeding. UGH...The one above is Jadee. She looks alot like her momma!toy australian shepherd puppies

So much cuteness! And they are so soft! Velvet pink noses and toes!toy australian shepherd puppiestoy australian shepherd puppiestoy australian shepherd puppiestoy australian shepherd puppies

We keep them in a baby tub. You can see my macbook on the floor there beside them the first day. I stayed pretty close. We weren't sure how D.O.G, our other dog would react and I didn't want any problems. So far so good. But we don't leave them alone together EVER.

toy australian shepherd puppiesThe blanket gets changed and washed frequently. I can't decide if i like them better on red or the cream colored one? toy australian shepherd puppiestoy australian shepherd puppiestoy australian shepherd puppiesLOVE LOVE LOVEtoy australian shepherd puppiestoy australian shepherd puppiestoy australian shepherd puppiestoy australian shepherd puppiestoy australian shepherd puppiesWhen they are this little, they look like baby pigs. All bodies right now and heads. LOLtoy australian shepherd puppiesHe is SOOOOO cute!toy australian shepherd puppiestoy australian shepherd puppiestoy australian shepherd puppiestoy australian shepherd puppiestoy australian shepherd puppiestoy australian shepherd puppies





we were lucky

Kanga was hit by a car today.

But she's going to be OK.

I knew better. But I did it anyway. I just figured it couldn't happen to us. She's smart.

But I think she was chasing that black cat she barks at all day and she took off across the street and was hit. I immediately took her to Above and Beyond where they took care of her. She's resting and yes, will need some mending, but she's OK.

Me? Completely DRAINED.

Yes, my children mean more than this dog, but that doesn't mean this dog doesn't rank pretty darn high up there.

She's family.

I get to bring her home tomorrow pending a good report and blood work in the morning.

Prognosis is good.

But I would appreciate your happy thoughts and prayers.


Two Toy Australian Shepherd Puppies Left

And then there were two.

Just two.

Well, in all honestly, not quite yet. All four are still here. But two are going to be picked up soon and we'll be a smaller household for a while.

Kanga is ready.

I'm ready.

The rest of the family? Not so ready.

We still have two Toy Australian Shepherd puppies for sale.

Kit on the right in the photo below, and Izzie.

Of course you can name them whatever you wish.

Izzie and Kit seem smaller than the other two. When I was bathing everyone this morning, I got a good look at their wet bodies and these two have shorter legs. I'm thinking they will most definitely be toy in size.

Izzie, below, has really settled into a sweet puppy. She loves to cuddle and when you pick her up, climbs up to the nook under your neck and settles in. She would LOVE to lick your nose and neck but is simply content to lay. I love that. Kanga still loves to do that.

She's still very energetic, but does sleep quickly. I noticed that yesterday when putting them all into the kennel before I left for work. Within seconds she had found a spot to lay, belly down, legs out and instantly went to sleep.

Sure, she whines when we leave the room. But not for long. And she's eating her food just fine. And this may be TMI for the blog, but when she "tinkles", there's less tinkle than some of the others. Which also makes me think toy. You know, smaller bladder.

Here eyes are still bright blue, however the right one has two colors. A darker blue and a bright blue. I think her daddy had that as well. Not sure. I will have to ask his momma.


Kit is still the leader of this pack! Which is so darling since she was the last one born and the runt of the litter. She too is smaller than the rest, but her and Izzie are about the same size. Her eyes are still blue, however, I honestly think they will turn amber. Who knows.

Her fur is still soft and getting thicker and thicker. And I love that her nose has the one spot like her momma! So cute!

She follows me EVERYWHERE going from room to room exploring and fearless. She loves to run and jump and play! She's the first to eat and nurse still, but I also find her the last to fall asleep. I think she's afraid she will miss something.

She's super quick to pick things up.

I started clicking my nails on the hard floor when I want their attention and now she will come to where I'm sitting and crawl on my legs for a cuddle and a scratch. You can watch her little face relax when you scratch hard behind her ears and she even gets still and just sits.

But if something's going on, she's off to explore!

She's eating well.

Drinking water and loved her bath! I think it's more the scratching and the rubbing than anything.



I list them in the paper today. So I expect them to sale quickly. If you'd like to purchase one, Kit is $600 and Izzie is $750. Someone asked me why the difference. It has to do with the markings and their coats. You can read more about Toy Australian Shepherd Puppies, HERE.

Toy Australian Puppies for Sale

We have two puppies for sale. The females are left.

They are exploring the house and moving around and developing their little personalities. So cute! I thought I would talk about them a bit and give you the link to their facebook galleries. They've had so many visitors and people interested in them. They are eating soft food on their own, but still nursing on momma 3-4 times a day. She's losing patience though as they get bigger and their teeth get sharper! I can't say I blame her. It's so taxing taking care of babies.

If you are interested in seeing these precious babies in person, just contact me and you can come sit on the floor and play. That's what I do a good part of the day.

I hope this helps those of you interested in making a decision on your favorite pup. Read under each photo posted for their description and make sure to click their facebook gallery link. I'll post more photos on Monday.


Kristin | Toy Aussie Lover

This is Kit.

She was the last one born, feet first and the smallest of the litter. The first week of life, I let her latch on first to get going and maybe catch up with her litter mates. It's worked! She's been the first one to stand, to walk on the slippery floors, to start a fight, the first one to start everything. She can really be a handful at times.

I'm not sure if she will be toy like her momma or miniature like her daddy, Ty, There's really no way to know. But if I had to guess, I'd say toy. And her hair will probably lay flat like her momma and grow long. Kanga normally has a skirt all the way around her. And her hair is very soft, like a bunny.

Her eyes will most likely turn amber. They were bright blue up until this week and now they are getting darker.

If you are looking for a highly energetic smart dog, Kit is for you.

CLICK HERE for a link to her facebook photos.


Above, is Charlotte.

She has thick, soft hair and definite blue eyes. She's Gorgeous! I think the's the lady of the bunch and wired much like her brother, Hooey. She's very laid back and soft under the coat. She eats calmly and plays a lot although she is never the one to "start the play fighting" if you know what I mean. She loves to be cuddled and is cautious about trying things out. She usually follows her sister's lead.

I think she will be miniature in height, like her daddy and have a longer, bushy coat that seems fluffy compared to Kanga.

If you are looking for a laid back dog that enjoys a good cuddle, Charlotte is the one for you.

CLICK HERE for Charlott'es Facebook Gallery.

Oh, Izzie! You spitfire of a pup!

You know how puppies will act wild and start hopping and barking and just moving around like crazy? That's Izzie! She's the first to wake up and the first to latch on. She has the markings like her sister Charolotte, but definitely smaller in size, but NOT temperament! She's wild! She barks, growls, snarls, and moves like crazy.

She does love a good cuddle, but not for long. And you have to watch her closely because she always seems to be stuck somewhere she shouldn't be. Her and Kit were the first to wander out of the nesting room, my office. And the first to greet you when you come in the door. She loves a good chase and a good scratching.

I definitely think her eyes wills stay blue, and I think she'll stay toy. But there's no way of knowing for sure. And her fur might go flat like Kanga's and silky. Her face is absolutely ADORABLE! She's the "teenager" to Charlotee's "lady" if you know what I mean.

Definitely fearless and ready for adventure!

CLICK HERE for her facebook gallery.

Our toys are still around

You remember our puppies, right?

Their momma, Kanga, is a Toy Australian Shepherd. Her "boyfriend", Ty, is a Miniature Aussie. I've been getting lots of questions about them and the differences. Here's what I found out.

Tea Cup -Weight:under 12 pounds (5.5 kg.)

Toy -Height:10-14 inches (26-36 cm.)

Toy - Weight:12-17 pounds (5.5-8 kg.)

Miniature - Height: 13-18 inches (33-46 cm.)

Miniature - Weight: 20-40 pounds (9-18 kg.)


At this age, we can't tell if our 4 babies are going to be toy or miniature. We definitely don't think tea cut, although Kanga barely weighs 12 pounds wet. You can tell from the photos above what she looked like at 14 weeks. She was so cute, but such a scrawny thing. I can't imagine her looking like this when she was a puppy, but I've been told she did. Only different coloring.

The one featured here is Charlotte.

She's beautiful and her coat is thick and soft like a bunny. Her personality is much more laid back than her sisters Izzie and Kit. But she fits in just right with Tycoon, our one and only male. She's very squishy and loves to be held, while her sisters are much more muscular from all their extra puppy wrestling. They are pretty darn good at a "take down", let me tell you. And the toe chewing while I'm blogging this? FIERCE.

Anyone interested in purchasing a puppy, they will be ready to take home January 14th. $250 is required to "hold" your puppy with the remainder due when you pick your puppy up. They will have their first shots and will be eating soft dog food and weaned from their momma. She's only nursing them 3-4 times daily right now. They've been eating the soft puppy chow for a couple of days and doing great.

We are working on the puppy training, meaning we have "places" around their area designated with padding for "bathroom stuff", but it's hit or miss and they are really too young. But hopefully, in the next 2 weeks they will progress in that department.

If you'd like to come by and hold a puppy, even if you don't want to buy one, you are welcome to come puppy sit and let them chew on your toes.