crap our dad says...

Ever read the twitter feed Sh*!t My Dad Says? I love that twitter feed and on Sunday read the book on an airplane. Pick it up! Well worth the read. I was laughing out loud in line, waiting to board and several people turned and looked. It's that good. Well, when I got home I read some of the book to my family and we all had a great laugh. Warning, some of the words are pretty harsh, but gosh, there's some wisdom there.

Flash FW to tonight . Devin, (my husband) says funny stuff all the time. You never know what's going to fall out of his mouth. Sometimes shocking, many time quite funny. So I dedicate this blog post to Devin and the crap he says. I've even started a new category up there on the menu bar.


Kim? (my sister) you know how you always say, Devin and I are like a sitcom when you come visit and hang out a while? How you are always cracking up? Well, I thought we'd start documenting Devin's words and wisdom. Welcome to our first one, courtesy of dinner tonight. LOL

Who eats this? Are they wierd? Are they just f*!ing wierd? They've got to be wierd. They've got to be THIS close to being vegetarians. One chicken for 4 people?

after cooking a new recipe I found on a Healthy Eating Website

No. I cuss too much for that. I still have a Grandma alive and some other people.

after suggesting that we should starting blogging his words.

Did you make someone cry today?

after the girls get home each day, this is his standard question to see how it went. Not "how was school?" or " what did you learn?" He only wants to hear about basketball practice.

Don't worry, I'll post more. :0