the one with baby Holden

We are told how precious life is. We read twitter feeds, inspirational instagram posts, facebook status and I think we are numb to it most of the time.  We tell people we are "going to pray for them", we are thinking about them, God is good, etc. 

Breathe it in.  Just once.  And let it sit inside you and really feel how precious it is.  

Breathe it in how tiny, vulnerable, and dependent life is on others. No one can do it alone.  We all need someone, something, to lean on, to learn from, to love.

We all do.

Holden is so very precious. Sweet baby precious. I AM praying for him.  For his momma and his daddy and his sweet precious life.  God is good.  Very good.

Love Does,

the one with sweet baby blayke

20150410_0221I have perks in my profession. I get to travel quite frequently and work in other states. I love that! I enjoy the process and the newness. Another great perk of my profession, especially now since my babies are grown, is photographing new wee ones. This little wee one was no exception. HELLO! She was PERFECT! And that name!!! LOVE!!

Love does,




the one with baby Pierce

20130719_0092I've been traveling all week. NO BULL STOP FOR ME! But it's been good travel. The kind you take with friends with basically no agenda but good food, a few picture and good company. I like that kind of traveling! And then the end of this week took a nasty turn with some bad news, I'm afraid. Nothing wrong me me and my health. Just to throw that out there. I'm good. A-OK. But sometimes other news can drag you down and put you in a state of mind you don't like. That was me. Stuck in the middle of bad news and needing an escape. Well, enter baby Pierce. His birth day was earlier this week and once home, I got to go and see him and document his 48th hour here in our world. What a joy a newborn is. Seriously, what a joy.

Love does,



the one with Bentley @ 1 year

documentary family photographer

At first, he wasn’t sure what to think of me. I mean, who is this lady in my house? Hello! I just woke up from my nap and she’s snap snap snapping. I met Bentley’s dad at a wedding this spring. He wanted to gift his mom some pictures of his adorable son Bentley, so when I drove back home from Katee + Matt’s FABULOUS wedding, I went up North through Electra. Have you ever heard of it? There's not much there. Or so I thought at first. But I did notice some pretty cool brick streets. I love old towns with brick streets. YES. I know they are high maintenance, but they are super cool to photograph. And they just work with a classic look. So right away, pulling up to Benley's house, I knew I was going to use the brick. BIG saucer eyes…clinging to Dad’s shirt. He’s at that age where you just aren’t sure. He was just starting to realize that he was separate from Dad and didn't know me. So, what's up? Plus, we were going outside and HELLO! Not many 1 years olds spend much time in the street, brick or not, if you know what I mean. LOL We had some issues with the shoes. Yep. As in they would NOT stay on and his socks weren’t quite jiving with the outfit. So, shoes WERE necessary. But Electra is small and a quick trip back to home, shoe recovered and we were shooting again. He's the sweetest thing! I swear he i! Just have a look for yourself.
Love Does,


the one with a beautiful bride

I have so many pictures to show you. So many! I had 2 weddings this past weekend and 6 sessions in 2 days. I'm sitting on the couch with my feet up and thinking, I have so many pictures to show you! Every time I edit one I feel lucky. INTENSELY lucky. And then I wonder, OK. Do I blog it? DO I share it on facebook? Wait. Instagram. That's what I will do. And then I think, I should stop all of it and just go back to my blog. I love my blog. It's where I share my visual world. What I'm thinking. What I'm excited about.

I'm excited about this bride above. I wanted to share an image from her "before". She arrived a mere 45 minutes before her ceremony. It was a rushed moment, as most moments before a wedding are, and her bridesmaids, her friends since childhood, were all around her and fussing with her veil. The camera caught her in just an instant. Before she was married, that second of breathe releasing from her lips. So, many emotions during a wedding day!


the one where Ky + Seneca get married at Ransom Canyon

I can't wait any longer. I have to show you the wedding sneak peek from Ky + Seneca's wedding. I've been busy PUPPY SITTING this week and between loads of laundry, and well, just LOADS, *ha, pun sooooo intended, I've neglected this blog. I'm also working on a "year since cancer" blog post, but heck, who wants to talk about that? Weddings are much more fun! So, on to Ky + Seneca's wedding!!!

It was this past weekend and my entire house was excited for it! Excited as in picking out dresses, shoes, etc. EXCITED! So much fun! Oh, and even what to drink, exciting. I'm thinking we don't get out enough? LOL I was photographing and they were attending. Everyone got dressed up, packed a cooler and headed out to Ransom Canyon to celebrate these two! They've dated since HS and have stayed together ever since. So many family and friends there to celebrate! Standing room only during the ceremony. It was outdoors, by the lake, and despite the wind, the sky was beautiful and the day quite lovely. By "lake standards for those reading from states with lakes, big puddle. LOL) I started my day with the girls. Seneca's mom had gone to bed late, she is the decorator of this event, after all. And I'm sure she woke up at the crack of dawn to cook breakfast for everyone. Including me. And I'm so thankful she did. It was completely YUMMY! As in, I got to have your chili-egg casserole recipe please. PRETTY PLEAS. Total YUM! early to cook breakfast for everyone. Totally yummy! So good! The girls hung out here all morning and then made their way to the ceremony site. Me? left early to chase down the boys and see what they were up to and left Toni with the girls. She's my 2nd and many of you blog readers know her personally AND have worked with her before. She's my BFF. My "wing girl" and a dang good photographer to boot. WIN-WIN Ky is so cute! Those cheeks? I can still those cheeks on his sweet baby face in my head. He's totally rocking, cute baby cheeks! Emily + Todd have the cutest little boys EVER. Just EVER. He was busy doing "groom stuff". Checking into hotels, taking bags, getting clothes gathered, and making signs. For wedding guests to navigate by. Everytime I look at this photo below I think, "Wide open spaces!" There's the "puddle" or LAKE. It was a gorgeous day to get married! Cloudy a bit, but that just helped with the heat. They have a bride's room at the Ranch House in RC, and when I arrived her dress was waiting. Just sitting there waiting for me to photograph it. Hello, pretty dress. They chose not to do a "first look" which is fine. I think I've written about "first looks before" on this blog before? Not sure. But honestly, I could go either way. You see, I'm a big believer in planning your day, your way. And yes, there are many benefits to having a "first look", but talk about it together and then just let your photographer know she we can plan the "picture taking time". This group? We played, "hide the bride" and started with the formal pictures of the boys. Hello, pretty stuff for the bride. So much excitement in the bride's room! And HELLO! Look how gorgeous Seneca's sisters and momma are! GORGEOUS!You too, Blair. And not just because you are holding a bouquet. LOLKy wrote an especially tender note to his bride. She read it right before her walk down the aisle. Just look at his face as he watches her!!! BAM! Yep. To quote a movie, "You think I'm gorgeous, you want to kiss me..." Bonus points to those that name the movie. Seneca, you are adorable. Completely adorable! I love that you let go and leaned in and just went with your feelings. So much fun!Check out Kutter below. He was really praying, boy! BEST AFTER KISS SHOT EVER!!!!!The light was absolutely perfect that night! I was so happy with the time they chose to get married. Many couples choose sunset without thinking about the time after for portraits. Not sure if it was a happy accident or not, but that street out by the venue? PERFECT. Hello, pretty cakes and bouquet. You deserve your own spotlight here on this blog. There you are, below. DONE. Toasting time!I shall call this wedding as "bring your kids to work day". Grant you count as my kid. LOVE this shot below! And here's two more of my kids. Summer Zoe and Sydni Nicol. Prettiest Bednarz's EVER! Wait...Mayci's missing. And Brooke. Okay, so I don't have a picture of the Prettiest Bednarz's ever. Stay tuned.And another one of my kids. Hello, pretty lady! Miss Boo is on the blog!Keep scrolling...cousins are coming!!! Um....yes. THIS HAPPENED. Daddy said when you catch bouquet's at weddings it means you have to wait 10 years to get married. Good luck with that, Kalyn Marie. Found a Patio Party going on! Below you will find the gang from THE BULL STOP enjoying a night out. Best wishes to this happy couple! I was so happy to be a part of your BIG DAY! Much love and kisses, ALWAYS!!!! To view more images from this fabulous wedding, CLICK HERE.

the one where Kelly + Justin get married in the park

Justin and Kelly were married in a park in Birmingham, Michigan on July 4th. And I just blogged the sneak peek TODAY. I know. I know. I'm horrible. I sat on this blog post for 2 full days. 2 FULL DAYS, I tell you. Wondering how to even begin to share this journey? How do I simply share these wedding photographs with you? What's worthy? Just a blog post? Should it be a slideshow? Should I only post ONE, moving image for all to see? (above) I struggled, really. I wanted to keep them wrapped up tight in my heart and mind before posting them for the couple, their family and friends. I wanted to think about it more. I was holding on because I didn't want it to end. I was still wrapped up in the nostalgia of my wedding weekend and hanging out with them and a part of me felt if I didn't ever share them, it wouldn't end. But we both know that's not true. All good things must come to and end.

There is a slideshow, posted here below at the end of all the pretty pictures. OH, how I love still images set to music! But it's like 12 minutes long and I knew that not everyone would want to sit through the slideshow to see all the pretty images. So, I posted a sneak peek on their Wedding Gallery as well. You can CLICK HEREto view those. So, you choose. Slideshow, gallery, blog post or all. Either way, it's done. I've shared. And that's all I can do.

I've been photographing the Coffey Family Weddings for quite a while. It started with Mya + Chase, then Tyler + Simon and now Kelly+ Justin. He's the last of the siblings to marry and he actually brought Kelly as his date to Tyler + Simon's wedding. So much fun thinking of all the connections. And so much fun seeing all the familiar faces through my camera lens again. Needless to say, they are like old friends you have forever and see every once in a while. But then you realize, this is the last wedding. There are no more siblings. Somewhere deep inside, it kind of hurts. It's goodbye.

So, I leave you with these images to tell the story of their fabulous day! It truly was fabulous. They were married in the park in town just a short walk from the home they bought together and completely remodeled. Home and Garden TV should be calling them soon. I'm not even kidding. And the reception? The food? The dancing? All of it, really, but especially the speeches, the hugs, the celebrating and the love. Just so much love!

Enjoy the sneak peek and HELLO! Anyone getting married in Michigan soon? I'm thinking I don't like goodbyes.

Love does,



the one where I celebrate the 4th of July in Michigan

Celebrate 4th July in Michigan

I'm in my hotel room in Birmingham, Michigan. I fly home tomorrow so I'm "camping out" in my hotel room working and watching bad TV. The perfect way to spend a lazy day. I wanted th share a sweet moment from last night's wedding. This is Kelly + Justin and they just got married! No fireworks to photograph, but plenty of sparklers and fun! If you follow me on instagram, you can view another sweet moment.

Of course, a big sneak peek will follow next week.


the one with a wedding at Walnut Tree, Dylan and Paige got married!


I almost fell asleep driving home from Paige and Dylan's BIG FABULOUS Walnut Tree Wedding. Almost. And no, before you "go there", I was not drinking. I always tease at weddings when offered a drink, "you do want your photos to be in focus, right? Only so many can be "artsy fartsy blurry". " I was tired from all the celebrating! You see, Paige and Dylan are HS sweethearts. And they are both nice, sweet, fun-as-hell people. And their folks are as well. So, you add all those good folks into one bunch, invite all their friends, and well, you see, that's a lot of celebrating going on right there! Me included. I first started my day with Paige and her mom at Lindsay's Day Spa. Hair to be done. Things to pick up. Talk to be discussed. It was a good morning. We then made a quick stop at her house to pick up some merry maids and we made the drive to Olton. Walnut Tree Wedding is a super place to get married! Especially is you like pretty gardens and outdoor type of feel. There is some indoor space, but it is rustic. So, ballgown, black tie affairs, nope. Good celebrating, elegant affairs? YEP. Paige is a complete delight to be around. She's shaped like a little china doll with her curves and coloring in all the right places. Throw in an enormous ball of energy and you've got Paige. She's then wrapped up in sugar sweetness you just can't keep from. Her wedding day she was in true forum. Jumping, squealing, laughing, crying. All of it and all of it absolutely precious. So much laughter in that bride's room. And yes, a few tears. But when you choose your very best friends to be your maids, they take care of you.Hello, pretty dress. And pretty day! Look closely. See the pair of mosquitos high tailing it through the ceremony site? I sprayed repellant several times that day. SEVERAL. Gorgeous! Oh, how I could photograph this bunch all day! Nothing dull about them, not one bit! Paige got to see the reception site before she got into her gown. It gets so intensely busy and crazy that day, that many times, brides do not get to see "everything put together". Here is it! And here's her reaction. Well done, Walnut Tree. Well done! She squealed!!Little people arrived to visit with the bride. Cute little people I might add. Not those green skinned ones from the Wizard of Oz. Nope. These littles were covered in sugar just like Paige.Hello, pretty shoes with pretty feet.Hello, funny moments with your favorite peeps.And hello pretty maids! If you ever need the following:

  • eyelashes
  • mac makeup
  • pretty collarbones
  • hair redo's
  • meaning prayer
  • borrowed earrings
  • commando talk
  • impromptu dancing
  • fond memories

these are your girls. For sure. I grabbed these quick, relaxed family portraits in the "hen house". It's where folks got ready. It worked great to have different looks and lighting situations for "camera aware portraits". Paige and Dylan opted to not see each other before the big day. She missed him terribly, but it worked for them. It worked for me. Communication folks. That's all you need.Hello, cute groom. I wish I could offer you a bullet list of these fine gentlemen that stood up with Dylan on his big day. Alas, I'm sworn to secrecy. Sworn. Too many good stories to offer, I'm sure. One involved some gambling in another state, but I'm keeping the conversation to celebratory details today. I will say these studs photograph very nicely. And they can dance. Good traits to have in groomsmen. Paige and Dylan were married by a priest from their parish, Holy Spirit. Dang. Can't remember his name, but I adored his facial expressions and he's got a pretty good homily as well.Fun moment. Alexandra below? She's a fabulous photographer. And we've both taken the shot of the bride and groom with the door in between. As folks were coming in to visit and see the bride, she was smushed into the corner. She's my "door+ bride+groom" shot of this wedding. LOVE!And the sweetest little girls posed for me. We bribed them with grapes and cheese. It works.Walnut Tree Weddings does all the floras as well. And they are good. How pretty is the bride's bouquet? HELLO! Wedding time! I love getting grab shots of guests arriving. So much fun! And it looks like a full house folks.It was a great day. Lots of reasons to celebrate!My one artsy fartsy blurry shot. No drinking was included withe this shot below. Just saying'.These are the fine folks that work with Paige and helped me learn how to NOT freak when putting in my contacts. Reber Riley Vision Center in Lubbock. One of these days I will fill you in on my "eyesight" since cancer. Fun stuff for sure. Especially since I'm horrible with medical stuff. A big wuss. COMPLETELY. So, sticking a finger in my eye with a piece of plastic to make me see better? Not my cup of tea. But necessary all the same. Thank you, nice folks that work with Paige. Thank you.And high school friends that saw and guided you through quirky adolescence. and helped you with hair, fashion, beauty, and boys. Through thick or thin, high school peeps knew you when. Keep them close and you will go far in life. You have to. They can black mail you with all the "secrets" if you don't. I love this moment between Gina and Dylan. You blog readers know how I feel about REAL people with REAL moments. I think that's why I love this wedding so much! These peeps aren't afraid to reach out and touch each other and share how they feel. So sweet! Tugs at my heart strings.Here's another REAL one. And another.And another.Next Cooper girl getting married! Hello, Janae + Kyle. Ryan and his mom, cutting a rug. or two. One of my favorite shots of the evening. Paige's mom and dad enjoying a moment together on the dance floor. So sweet!For those of you wanting more, you can view their wedding gallery sneak peek by CLICKING HERE. Also, I put together a slide show for those that are lazy and would like to just "let it roll". It doesn't work on an iPad, but a smart phone that allows flash? Try it. Much love, Kristin

the one where Jennifer + Matt get married on campus at Texas Tech

I have the coolest weddings. I seriously do. And I'll get to this fabulous wedding in just a bit. But first, for those of you interested in my work, Monterey Prom photos are done and now life can return to almost normal. There I said it. MONTEREY PROM IS DONE and I released that into the world. It's such a relief to get it out of my computer and on their gallery. WHEW!

Also, today is Devin's birthday!!!! YEAH!!! This typically means chocolate cake, grilling out and SWIMMING! I love his birthday!!! Or any birthday that involved this. The girls woke up and made him breakfast. Awww...ins't that sweet? His birthday always shares the week of Father's Day, and that's kind of a bummer that we can't spoil him spread out, but it is what it is. We shall roll with it.

I'm also working slowly through personal photos of Summer Zoe's graduation. WOW! I still can't believe my kids are grown. I feel so young as in they should still be in grade school or something. That is, I feel young until I pass in front of a mirror and then I'm struck by how old I really am. I don't feel that way one bit. I feel young. And for that I'm very grateful.


Jennifer and Matt were married in a lovely ceremony on TT Campus. at the Kent R. Chance Chapel. Such a lovely place! Very modern yet somehow fits in on campus and feels like a part of Tech. I enjoyed shooting there! AND I got to work with the lovely Jill of Eat, Drink and be Marry. She's so good at what she does and FUN to boot! Keep scrolling down and you will find a cute little picture of us. As much as my generations hates selfies, I love them when a friend is involved.

To view more images from their wedding, CLICK HERE. I'm using a new gallery system for client's images and so far? LOVE IT! Let me know what you think, blog readers. Share and care.

Love does,



YUM! Satin dresses are so lovely! Jen's was no exception! And HELLO! Corset gowns are such a pain to get in, but so worth it for the curves it brings out! Jennifer is curvy in all the right places and this gown showed that off in the BEST way! BRAVO Jen, for going through the pain. LOLThe hands in the image above make the shot! You can feel the nerves involved when a gown goes OVER the done hair. I'm just saying'...And mom below? Cindy, you were great throughout this process! I think my favorite MOB (mother of the bride) moment was at the reception, after Jennifer + Matt had left, I came back inside the Watson building and found you on the dance floor! So much fun!

Here's a great shot that shows the PAIN involved in getting the dress on. This girl's got game. Dress game.And such graceful lines! I love Jen's fingers as she was putting on her jewelry. And her sister? A great calming agent. Focus, Focus, Focus.

The smiles came out from that moment on! Matt had written her a sweet note. Hello, lovely doors at Kent R. Hance Chapel. I love you so.

Jennifer and Matt chose NOT to see each other. I'm honestly fine either way. But they did pray together before. And it was perfect. Okay, so maybe not perfect for Jennifer's makeup, but hey, she had time to fix it back after crying. This couple is putting God first in their lives and it was a blessing to witness and see!Hello, cute little fella who LOVES being in a tux. Am I right? I'm right. You love it!I want to say a little something about First Looks. I'm all for them. I'm all NOT for them. And it's because I'm all for a couple doing what THEY want to do. What best fits them and their beliefs, their personalities, their day. I'm a documentarian. I simply photograph what I see, what I feel, and use visual images to tell a story of the day. So, if you are reading this, getting married and unsure about what you should do, google it. There's a slew of articles out there discussing just this. And then you and your guy can discuss it and how it fits into your day and PLAN IT THE WAY THE TWO OF YOU WANT. The main thing? Communication with everyone involved and planning it according to the time. That's it. That is all.

Stepping off my soap box and looking at Matt's sweet face as he waits for his bride! LOVE!

Hello! Lovely chapel that painted their ceilings a pretty blue! And breathe, Jen, BREATHE! Yep. LOVES being a ring bearer!OH, stop my romantic heart! I love it when a guy touches a girl's face, neck, head, whatever and draws her into a kiss! LOVE! Thank you Matt. I'm stopping this sneak peek to just say,

MATT HAD THE COOLEST GROOM's CAKE EVER! The Hulk fingers are THE BEST!They celebrated their wedding with a reception at The Watson Building in Lubbock. I LOVE this place! We were fed, we were entertained with lovely toasts, and we danced the night away! It was a wonderful way to celebrate a great day!

Thank you everyone! And best wishes to the Happy Couple!!


the one where Matt + Holly get married

Did anyone else realize that I mistakenly blogged Matt + Stephanie instead of HOLLY in my last blog post? I've since corrected it, but you know? You may need to slow down a bit before you hit the send key once in a while, Kristin. LOL Too funny!

I got back from Matt + HOLLY's wedding yesterday afternoon. I stayed an extra day to photograph a senior in Melissa, Texas. I'll blog those soon, Miss Whitney, so stay tuned. But in the mean time, I just had to get these AMAZING photos to Matt + Holly and their friends and family. Super fun time!

They got married at The Wellington, in Wichita Falls, Texas which is a venue right beside our hotel. HELLO! Very simple and easy for me the photographer. My car hardly moved all weekend. Okay, so it went to a bar with a bunch of guys, but for the most part, didn't move.

The weekend consisted of many, many laughs along with quite a few tears. Mason, the groom's twin bother had the house in stitches with some talk of Woody, and we ain't discussing Pixar's Toy Story picture. Get me drift? He also made everyone cry during his "best man" speech with the tales of two brothers and how close these two were. It may have dragged on just a bit, but I still loved it! Thank you, Mason. Yes, it was several typed pages long, but those were good pages! And I enjoyed every single word.

These two are very well loved. It showed in how much effort family and friends gave to make sure they had a wonderful day! And they did! We all did. And I should mention that this wedding was way over a year in the planning. Holly made so much of the details herself. From the Photo Booth backdrop to the moss covered letters, every where you looked, she left her touch. Well done, my lady!

I woke up Sunday, worn out and exhausted and almost a bit bummed. Kind of like the depression that hits after Christmas? Yeah. Like that. And I realized it's because it's over. All over. I'm so very thankful we sat down in Chili's all those days ago and you chose me as your wedding photographer. I LOVED working with you. Hanging out with you. Sticking my foot in my mouth several times like I always seem to do and you not getting mad. I'm going to miss it.

Thank you, Matt + Holly.

Enjoy your sneak peek!

the one where Matt + Holly rehearse

I'm inWichita Falls for Matt + Holly's wedding. It's starting off stressful, as Matt's baby sister is undergoing emergency surgery and his Dad could not be here. Everything's up in the air still, depending on how she's doing, and even though we are close to Dallas, which is where she is, nothing in Texas is close. So prayers please! You plan these things for months and then things happen. There will still be a wedding! It just might not have all the key members you had hoped would be there to witness it. PRAYERS!

The weather is cooperating though and in West Texas you can NEVER plan for that. LOL Wonderful moment with the ring bearer right below. Such a cutie! But I'm not sure he was quite ready for his walk down the aisle with that cute flower girl! His reaction when hearing the news below. You can just hear him behind those hands, "A girl?!?!" LOL

Holly is gorgeous! Sunny and bright and beautiful! Plus she has lovely shoes. I always check out shoes folks. Even though I can't work in heels or wear them much anymore, I check them out! They are like trucks and wheels to small boys. LOVE a good pair of heels!The couple above? Bux + Gayla. Some of the MOST fun people on the planet and I've known them since I was Texan. Holly and Bux are siblings.

She beams! I love the way she smiles and laughs. In fact, now that I think about it, there's not a human being that I don't like smiling and laughing. And check out cute flower girl below. I think she's really trying to understand all this vow stuff. That face!

We all ended up here.

I must confess to thinking this place would be OK. You know OK. It fills the belly, tastes OK and works for what you need it to. But I was pleasantly surprised at just how OK the food was. Very tasty! Lots of options for veggie lovers and some cucumbers that were to die for! Not sure what they did to those bad boys, but my mouth was happy. Very happy. The drinks? OK. I'm not crazy about blue margaritas. But they tasted good. Just put off by the color. Oh, and when serving yourself the soft serve ice-cream? Be sure and push that butter pecan button. TO DIE FOR, folks! I inhaled it!Matt + Holly are getting married on Matt's Paw's birthday. So we had cake. It's always a good time when you have cake involved.After some quick poses, I said good night and headed back to the hotel. From the looks of facebook, some headed out to Krank It, a karaoke bar. How fun! I would have loved to wail to some good tunes, but needed to get some rest before our big day! I'm headed out to meet the girls in just a bit. Happy Wedding Day, you two!

the one where Justin loves Audry

Hi, everyone! You've reached And if you found this website, you must be a family member or friend of the AWESOME bride and groom! WELCOME! I'm working hard on all the photographs and will have them posted very soon! In the meantime, enjoy the sneak peek from the wedding ceremony. Keep scrolling. You can view their Wedding Gallery with ALL images by simply clicking the link below. Use the couple's last names, smushed together, lowercase to access. For example: Jane Doe married John Smith, their passcode? doe smith


To view and download Party Booth Photos, simply go to my FACEBOOK page and click the Photo tab in the menu bar.


You'all did GREAT! Love Does, Kristin

the one where Audry + Justin get married

I drove to Plainveiw today to photograph Audry and Justin's wedding. It was just them, me and family and close friends that are like family. Tomorrow they are having a BIG party for all their other family + friends. I have to say, I love this idea. You can let your guard down and really feel. Really relax. Well, maybe. There's still hair to do and makeup. Stuff like that, but for the most part? It's wonderful.

Enjoy the sneak peek!