the one with Katherine and Ryan engaged


I remember when I fell in love. Devin and I dated in college and I met him my sophomore year. We could stay up as late as we wanted so we did. And it was late nights talking and sharing stories of our family and our lives that made me grow super close to him. He’d grab my hand and I’d get tingly sensations and it was such a rush! I couldn’t stand any time apart and any time I was around him, I wanted to simply be close to him. Being in love is the greatest feeling!

As a photographer, I can always tell when folks are smitten with each other. Stolen glances in a crowd, or whispers on a dance floor. These two? When we were discussing their session, Katherine wasn’t sure how they would do. She was worried that they wouldn’t be good subjects to photograph. I knew the second I pulled the camera up to my eye that wasn’t going to be a problem. These two? IN LOVE! I mean, come on! It’s totally obvious! Just look at how they are looking at each other in this photo above?

Engagement photos are an important part of your wedding journey. Even if you don’t hire a photographer, I encourage you to make photos of the two of you after you are engaged. Just be together looking at each other and enjoying the sweetness of this day. It’s the BEST! And of course, public displays of affection go a long way with other’s that are watching. We get all warm and fuzzy inside and remember when we were first in love.

These two…ALL THE FEELS!!!

Love Does,