shooting REAL people in LOVE.

When you choose me as your wedding photographer, a bridal session is included with your wedding coverage.  If you'd like to hire me to photograph your bridal BUT NOT YOUR WEDDING, pricing is as follows.

bridal Session $650


  • photographic time as needed

  • 50 print ready images with release for personal use

  • private online gallery for 30 days

  • 1 custom 16x24 canvas


Q. When do I take my bridal portrait?
Bridals are taken anywhere from the time the dress is ready to just a few weeks before your wedding.  I'm game 24/7 and can shoot for hours as bridals are one of my favorite things to photograph!  It's like playing with Barbie all over again!  And this time, she's real!   Now it is hot in a bridal gown and many of the locations are outdoors, so keep that in mind, unless you are flying us to Alaska in your private jet for the day.  It can happen.  I'm a dreamer.

Q. How long does it take?
Like I said, I can shoot all day, but typically a bridal will last about 2 hours.  We will book your appointment 2 hours before sunset, and your hair and make-up can take up to 2 1/2 hours.  So plan those appointments accordingly. 

Q. What should I bring?
A fun spirit that's up for almost anything and your sexy self!  Those are the MOST important things.  Here's a quick list of the rest.

  • dress (duh?)

  • petticoat or slip if needed

  • shoes (your wedding shoes as well as some extras for walking to and fro)

  • underwear

  • jewelry

  • veil and other hair jewelry you may have planned

  • flowers, if you wanna

  • lip-gloss and maybe your powder

  • location fee, if required

  • extra set of hands for support and encouragement

Q. What you (Kristin) bring.

  • photography equipment (duh?)

  • my kick-butt photographing self

  • a white sheet in case I decide to put you in a barn and make you sit down


Q. Where will we go?
I always have places in mind, but typically we will start indoors.  Local hotels and many venues have a room for you to get dressed in.  Some places do require a fee, but we can discuss this a few days before your session.  After we get the "safe" shots for your announcement and g-ma.  You know the one.  You are smiling and pretty and it shows off the gown.  We will then hop in a car, go out and about and get all those amazing images you and me have in our heads.  West Texas provides a perfect backdrop for a bride with all our AMAZING sunsets!  Spend some time checking out the brides on  my blog.  You can do a search for brides on your blog.   See something you love?  Let me know!

Q. How long does it take to get my portrait?

All bridal sessions come with a portrait, so after your session, I will post a private link to your gallery.   Just email me your choices of FAVORITE and we will get your portrait to you ASAP for framing or display.  You can always upgrade the size. Maybe a metal print? Lots of options. Let’s talk

Q. I think I'd like to wait until after the wedding, is this possible?

It sure is.  I've had several couples get dressed up after the wedding and do "bridals".  Some call it, "the day after session".  It's a great way, STRESS FREE to spend some time all dolled up loving on each other.  I would love to do this and it optimizes your time on the wedding day to spend it with guests.  Just something to think about.