shooting REAL people in LOVE.

Engagement Sessions are included with your wedding coverage when you book me as your photographer.  If you are choosing someone else to photograph your wedding, which I have no idea why you would, but HELLO!  You can still hire me to photograph your engagement.  So, here's the details.  

Engagement Session $500

I LOVE the mushy stuff!  And that’s what I refer to an e-session as.  The “good-stuff” as Kenny Chesney would say.  The stuff that makes you remember, just why you are getting married in the first place!  Go back to those feelings that attracted you to each other.  Hug, touch, whisper, just spend time together without anyone around.  Enjoy each other.  I LOVE these sessions for the pure fact that you will get comfortable with my camera.  Make a date and I’ll come along for the ride!

  • photography time as needed

  • 50 print ready files including print release

  • online gallery for viewing and ordering

Questions?  Read on.

Q. Where do we meet for engagement photos and when?
Where we meet totally depends on you.  Remember, I'm a professional light chaser.  I can find good light almost anywhere.  Spend some time thinking about places that are important to you.  Places you hung out a lot.  Places you love.  We can chat about it the week before and work out a plan of action.  If you LOVE big wide open spaces, we'll need to finish there 30 minutes before sunset.

Q. Do you have any suggestions on how many changes of clothes to bring? I was thinking something dressy and then something more casual...maybe 2 or 3 changes?? 
This sounds great!  We can start with the dressy and then move on to something casual.  I'll tell you what I tell all girls, you know the jeans that make you look good?  The ones you stand different in?  The ones that make you feel beautiful and sexy and wonderful?  Choose those and plan the rest of the outfits around them.  Boots are good, heels are better.  Textures are GREAT!  The only thing to stay away from is something you or him probably never wear.  Big bold STRIPES with loud logos.  You want your photos to be beautiful, classic sexy and fun.  So, choose clothes accordingly.  And keep in mind, you do not have to match.  This isn't cheesy family photos, this is the two of you and you should look like, YOU.

Q. Also do you care if we do some with our dog Bella? She is a chocolate lab and minds about half the time! haha
Of course I don't care!  Bring her!  It sounds like fun.  And she is obviously a part of your relationship, so you are thinking in the right way.  Let's include her and I know of a place we can go and the three of you can play.  Maybe have a way of keeping her in the car for the dressy ones?  Unless the shedding is to a minimal.

Q. Okay, Tom, the groom has seen your work and he claims he's not doing the "mushy stuff".  What if we look like total dorks just standing there?
Ha!  I don't photograph dorks.  LOL  And don't worry!  This isn't about doing anything you don't feel completely comfortable doing.  Sure, we'll take the safe shots for Grandma and the newspaper and your shower table.  You know, the we stand her together, look at the camera and smile like we are wonderfully happy.  That's a must shot for EVERY e-session.  But more than that, this is a time to be together, getting used to me and my camera and basically just enjoying each other.  I want you relaxed and just thinking about the person you love.  Once you get there in that mood, the rest just happens.  As soon as one car goes by and honks their horn because they love what they see, you'll totally be into it!

If you know he's nervous about photos, or you are?  Maybe drinks are in order?  Let's go have a cup of coffee first, or cocktails if you perfer.  I'll drink juice or water, so your pictures stay focused.  LOL

Q. So, we take these photos, then what?
I'll go home, fix myself a drink and start editing your images.  I may instagram a few or even facebook, followed by a blog post.  Who knows?  But the main thing is, I will play with your images and perfect them color wise, edit any blemishes or distracting elements and give your files a gentle massage of PURE JOY that will make them fantastic for you!  After I'm finished, usually about a week or so, I will post the images to your gallery.  You are welcome to download your images to your heart's content.  THEY ARE YOURS!  You may also order prints directly from your gallery or choose to print them yourself.  I highly recommend,  

It's pretty simple and easy.  If you need and image for your engagement announcement or STD (save the date) no problem, just download it.  It's that easy!   But think beyond the announcement.  Think about fun ways to incorporate your images into your wedding.  Maybe the program?  Thank you cards?  I love to see my images used in creative ways!  Share them with your world!

Q. Let's do this!  I want you to photograph me and my lover!  What next?
Just email me at the "say hi" link in the menu.  Think about a time that works for the two of you.  Be sure to include your desired date and location.  Also, feel free to contact me if you have any questions.  I'd love to chat!