shooting REAL people in LOVE.


Grad Session $500

include the following:

  • photographic time
  • private, online gallery for 14 days
  • print ready digital files with release for personal use
  • add an extra grad session, only $200 each

Over the years of shooting KICK BUTT Senior Photos, I've been asked a lot of questions.  This may help you in planning your session.  As always, email me at kristinbednarz@ if you don't find what you are looking for here.

Q. Photographic time, what do you mean?  I hate being timed on my coverage.  So photographic time means, as much time is needed to "get what we want".  I always know when I'm shooting, just when I've reached the point of getting what we need.  Typically a Grad Session takes between 1 1/2 - 2 hours, however, if we are "killing it", you are in the zone and we have plenty of light, it may last longer.  So, photographic time is enough time to photograph YOU.

Q. Print ready files?  What are those?   Images from your session, fully edited and ready for you to print anywhere you choose.  They are yours!  Of course you are welcome to order reprints, enlargements, announcements, etc. through me.  I'll help you.  But in this day and age, the digital files are important, so they are included with your session fee.

Q. An extra session?  What's that?  An extra session is a mini of your original session.  You can add an extra session at a different time during your Senior Year.  Maybe you want to wait for the snow or the leaves to change colors?  Maybe you are growing out your hair, changing the color, dancing like a mad fool.  Whatever the case, an extra session can be added to your original session and those images are included in your grad gallery.  It is not as extensive as your original session, and typically only involves one outfit, one location.  These session files are included with the extra session fee.  Extra sessions must take place during the school year.

Q. What should I bring?  The clothing choice is up to you, but to help with the decision, keep in mind that your grandchildren will find these images someday and make fun of you..  You hope to impress and inspire with your attire, rather than cause of endless fits of laughter.  So, a wise decision would be to keep it simple.  Choose something comfortable, yet nice to look at.  Most seniors bring something dressy, something casual and then something trendy as well.

Also, bring all jewelry and accessories.  Cute shoes, belts, scarves, anything with texture!  And bring MORE than you think you’ll need.  Many times, after I see the items you’ve brought, I get inspired and immediately think of a location it would be perfect for.

Stay away from bold stripes or busy patterns that may take away from YOU.  That’s not the goal here.  And also think about bra straps, panty lines, hairy legs, and unibrows.  Good grooming is important as you will be photographed up close and personal!  Give me your best and I’ll give you the best portraits you’ve ever taken!

Oh, and lip chap.  Kisseable lips are always best.

Q. How long does the session take?  Seriously, I could shoot all day.  Anytime there's beautiful natural light, I'm all over it.  But typically, for 3 outfit changes, it takes about 1 1/2 - 2 hours.  I look for moments that are REAL and natural to you and this involves making you comfortable in front of the camera.  Some people warm up quickly and enjoy the heck out of it and ROCK IT.  Others?  It may take a bit longer.  This is why I do not time the photographic coverage of anything I shoot.

Q. What if I want to shoot at my school?'  No problem.  If your school is in the Lubbock area, we can swing by and snap a few.  Also, think about your interests and what BEST represents YOU at this time in your life.  If you are a gym rat, we should probably take a few shots at the gym.  If you are a book-worm, let's incorporate your favorite subject or studies.  If you are ALL of the above, BRING IT!

Q. I have the CUTEST puppy, can I bring her?  If something's important in your life, BRING IT.  That means a guy, a girl, your dog, your fish.  Just make sure we have extra hands to help.  They won't be featured in EVERY shot, but we can make sure they get shot.

Q. What about the HUGE zit on my nose?  Any blemish or spot or crazy growth that ain't supposed to be there?  I'll take care of it.  All images are color corrected and edited before you see them.  I like my pictures looking AMAZING so you know you are AMAZING.

Q.  I really need a new profile picture for my instagram page.  Can you help?  Ha!  After your session, I'll have a sneak peek up in 24 hours.  It will be posted on my blog, and many times, I instagram those babies!   I also post my work on my facebook page,  Are we even friends?  Make sure so I can tag you.  You are welcome to use any of your images for your personal use.

Q. I have to get my graduation announcements out like, yesterday.  Can you help?  Sure I can help!  I do custom announcements for grads all the time.  After that "sneak peek" mentioned above, the rest of your images are edited and posted online in your gallery.    You'll need to choose 5 favorites for your announcement.   Once these have been selected, email me your graduation details and any other information you need on your announcement.  Your announcement will be designed and emailed back to you for approval before printing.  Once approved, it only takes just a few days to arrive.  Announcements start at $2.50 each.


Q. What is a "sneak peek"?  A Sneak Peek is my absolute favorites from your photo session.  It gives you a good general feel for things.  Sneak peeks typically have 10-20 images.  Your full gallery will have more.

Q. How much for a 5x7, my grandma wants to know?  Here you go.  And tell grandma she can order right from your gallery and her prints will be delivered right to her door.

Screen Shot 2017-08-22 at 11.12.21 AM.png

Q. I want you to shoot my senior portraits, now what?  Great!  Let’s pick a date.  I like to shoot portraits first thing in the morning or last light of the day.  Pick a time that works for you.  As for the day, I take Senior Sessions Monday – Friday.  Some weekends are available as well upon request.   Just hit the "say hi" link to the left to start a conversation and we will get your GRAD SESSION ON!

The day of your session, I’ll arrive at your home and we’ll plan our location strategy around your outfits.  It’s fun to see how you decorate your room, the space you live in, the space your picture will be displayed in.  All these things help in choosing locations and getting a feel for you.  Plus, I like to raid your closet for cool accessories and shoes.  SHOES are so fun!

Q. What else?  The most important thing to remember, this is fun.  It's not brain surgery.  I won't make you look like a fool or do anything you do not want to do.  Just remember to breathe, enjoy life, and most of all, BE YOU.