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the one where I talk about eating fresh

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Many of you that are close to me know that I'm mostly a vegetarian. Okay, so Superbowl Sunday will always involve chicken wings in my book, as it should, but mostly, I consider myself a vegetarian. And I'm happy for it. I feel better.

My BFF, Toni turned me on to eating veggie years ago, but I wasn't completely sold on it until Cancer.  Yep.  There's that lovely C word again!

I started it because my tumor pathology report had some cells in it that were they type of tumors to grow from animal proteins. And because at the time of reading that pathology report I was deep into realizing how dangerous our food in America is to our bodies, I decided to cut it out. I mean HELLO! You have cancer inside of you that may possible grow and feed off animal protein, it wasn't that hard of a decision for me. Plus there were and are so many benefits to eating fresh fruits and vegetable. So, over the course of the last 2 years, I've been eating better.

There was that one week during my last week of radiation treatments that the only thing that would stay down was Carino's lasagna. I swear. So, I totally cheated those weeks in January. I'll admit it.

I like the way eating fresh makes me feel. That's what I call it. Eating fresh. I buy foods that are fresh and prepare them and eat them and they make me feel better. They just do. I'll get lazy and eat some processed stuff and in a few hours immediately feel the side effects of that.





And, after watching Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead, we started juicing as well, and I really love it!  Okay, so I get tired of it as well once in a while, but I always go back, because guess what?  It makes me feel better!  Our entire family has benefited from juicing and better eating habits. They truly have.

So, I'm not a crazy vegetarian that will force my food habits on you.  Nope not me. My food habits were kind of forced on me myself.  I mean, I still sniff meat when it's cooked and sometimes, I do miss it.  But read THIS article on vegetarians and the benefits to eating plant based.  It may have you choosing a healthier diet as well.

And just so we can all go "Wow!  That was you?" here's a few fat photos to be amazed by.  The image below was taken about 6 months before my cancer diagnoses.  The one at the beginning?  Last week at the park.  What a difference!

If you'd like to learn more about eating well and the benefits, just hit the "just say hi" link to the left there or if you are on a mobile device, under the menu button.

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