the one with Ellis' family at the Lubbock Garden and Arts

the one with Ellis' family at the Lubbock Garden and Arts

This is Ellis. She belongs to the Bernstein Family. She has a sister and a mom and dad. An Uncle and then her grandparents. (I think we called them Lolee and Pops? did we Kendra?). Anyway, we all got together for a family photo because her grandparents are celebrating 35 years of marriage. WOW! Then, when we all met at The Garden and Arts in Lubbock, who walks up and starts texting me? Lane Baker! That’s who! He’s a Cooper Kid that was in my oldest daughter’s class, CLASS of 2012. I never put the two together! And I’ve known his mom + dad for years. Thought the world of them, because their cool and fun and not in the least bit way, pretentious. I think Leslee + Lyndal introduced us. Maybe Lori? Anyhoo, small world.

Ellis wasn’t having it.

It was hot, muggy and there were mosquitos.

We had messed up her nap routine and then, we wanted her to “give up the Passy”. UGH! Not even happening. But I know how hard it is to get families together. And let alone, all dressed up in the same location. And family photos are important dang it! So, I asked everyone to hang tight. Be patient and let’s wait and see what we get.

The back of her head.

That’s what we got.


Eventually she came around and I managed to get a few photographs of her interacting with her family . And I made the family promise me that the next time they are all together, chilling in the back yard, cooking and visiting, INVITE ME. I’ll bring my camera and we’ll try again.

Love Does,


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