thE one with tips for your bridal session

thE one with tips for your bridal session

Just a quick note to give you a few tips for your upcoming bridal session.  I’m so excited!  Brides are one of my very favorite things to photograph!!! 

be yourself.  This is the most important!  I want you to have fun and enjoy being all dressed up for the day! I’ll have sheets, towels, things like that, so just bring what you need.  Dress, duh? Everything that goes with your dress, jewelry, shoes, etc. 

bring an extra pair of shoes for walking.  Yes, I will photograph you in your wedding shoes, but for the open fields and walking in between locations, it helps to have a comfortable pair that you don’t mind getting dirty.

makeup. sometimes we “talk it off”, if you know what I mean.  Most of the time, it’s just reapplying lip stick or lip balm.

bouquet.  This is not mandatory, by any means, but it’s nice to have flowers in your life, don’t you think?

bring a friend, or even mom. It’s totally up to you, but the extra set of hands is nice. You’ve never moved around so much in a dress!  And you’ll need someone to bring you sips of water, hold your makeup, reassure you and laugh and cry with you.

I think that covers it!