the one with Addi, a SENIOR 2019

the one with Addi, a SENIOR 2019

I can’t believe we are in May. Can you? I’m sitting here in my office for the FIRST TIME ALL WEEK. (Yep. We’ve been short handed at the Bull Stop so I’ve been helping Devin just a bit.). And when I opened my phone and saw MAY, I about died. Holy Smokes! My girls are graduating this month and many others are as well!

This beautiful girl is graduating as well from Slaton High School and we got to hang out together on Monday. HELLO! We did this entire shoot in Slaton, which was so much fun and just so darn cool. I loved every bit of it! Her mom, Brooke, had some great ideas and we ended the session at the auditorium making some kick ass pictures. Addi is in theatre and just so dang lovely through and through.

Best wishes Addi! No mater where you go or land, don’t forget home or just how much fun this sweet little place on the face of the earth can be.

Love Does,