the one with Skylar in her gorgeous gown!

the one with Skylar in her gorgeous gown!

She’s getting married today and I’m so happy I get to share these FABULOUS images with you! HELLO! Can we spend a hot minute taking about Ransom Canyon? Can we? I’ve been using it a ton lately for sessions and just love it! It’s a bit of a drive, yes, but so worth the sunset shots you can get. Skylar was a trooper and we even managed to find a few '“blooms” on the way out to the canyon. The indoor shots? Those were made at Sophia’s Place in Lubbock. It’s a great spot when the weather isn’t the best or you need a place for a bride to get dressed. Win win in my book!

Love Does,

PS. By the time you are reading this, SKYLAR + DEON are MARRIED! BRAVO and CONGRATS!