the one where Skylar marries Deon at Kitalou Gin

the one where Skylar marries Deon at Kitalou Gin

We met first, online. And then again, when I photographed her bridals. She literally took my breath away! Not even kidding. And you will quickly be able to tell when you scroll through these images I’m sharing. HELLO! Skylar is GORGEOUS! The wedding was held at Kitalou Gin and they always do a great job and handling large crowds and making sure things run smoothly

The Heinrich’s are one of my favorite families the truly are salt of the earth and such hard workers! They go above and beyond to make your wedding day the best it can be! Advertisement over, let’s talk about the wedding! Something I try and do after every wedding is to jot down some notes in my phone to help me remember parts of the day. Here’s my mental bullets folks.

  • Brides mom was  once DJ in Amarillo.  How cool is that? We were in the brides room prepping for the day and they playlist was such a good one after the first few songs I finally asked about it and that’s how I found out she used to be a DJ on the radio! Her coolness factor just jumped through the roof!

  • The Newton Family was at the wedding! I love them so! II’ve photographed them before and didn’t realize they would be there. So it was super fun to see them! And that Beth? The girl loves to dance! As do her kiddos!  

  • One of Skylar’s childhood friends runs a company that crafts pots. It’s name is JUST POTS. How cute is that? My next trip, I’m stopping.  

  • The girls had a long history together and it was so much fun watching them interact and hang out together. LOVE and laughter galore!

  • Deon was a bit quiet and I couldn’t get a good read of him at first. Remember, I didn’t get to meet him before, Typically, because engagement sessions are included with your photography coverage, I know the groom before the wedding day and get a good feel for him. I didn’t have a feel for Deon other then he was super tall, dark and very handsome. And quiet. So, when the first dance started, I along with almost everyone there, squealed with surprise when he totally pulled off a choreographed routine that rivaled Baby and Johnny Castle from Dirty Dancing!

  • Skylar has her fake eyelashes removed that morning. She hated her extensions! And after seeing her normal eyelashes, I could understand why. It was too much! The girl has AMAZING lashes already and didn’t need the extensions. She’s beautiful!

  • Ever Peach Design, did the flowers.  The girl I met was named Kirby and she did AWESOME!

  • The girls had a long history together and it was so much fun watching them interact and hang out together. LOVE and laughter galore!

  • Right before Skylar walked down the aisle, she had moment with her dad that caused me to pause. I have no idea what was said, but you could tell by the feeling in that space it was emotional and REAL. You know, when the hair stands up on your arms? That kind of feeling in a good way. You can see it below so keep scrolling!

  • The bride’s nieces were her flower girls and those sweet babes had so much personality! I instantly fell in love. During the reception their parents threw them on their shoulders to dance and one loved it and the other? Burst into tears. After some coaxing, she let them do it again. Good for her!

  • The band was AWESOME! Good vocals, good looks, nice music! They rocked the place! As did one of their friends who got up and sang as well!

  • Toasts were spot on! Funny with just the right amount of emotion!

  • Whataburger arrived during the reception to fight off the munchies! How cool was that?!

All in all a fabulous wedding day for these two!

Love Does,