the one with Motley and her engaged humans

the one with Motley and her engaged humans

I had. never met Motley before. I had met Trevor and Aislinn through Ky and Ashley. Those Houchin’s know EVERYONE. Not even kidding. But not Motley. People, this dog totally made me feel like my dog, Kanga was a complete failure at dog life. I mean come on! This dog stayed right by us the ENTIRE time. It did not chase cars and it would totally pose for pictures. I was completely jealous! Kanga needs to step up her game, let me just say.

These two are getting married at Kitalou Gin this fall and I’m so excited to be their wedding photographer!!! HELLO! They are totally cool as heck together and just plain fun to be around. My kind of people! Not to mention just check out how fantastic they look together!

Love Does,