the one with Katy + Chris, a wedding at FUMC followed by a party at Kitalou

the one with Katy + Chris, a wedding at FUMC followed by a party at Kitalou

I hesitate to share these with the world because a part of me wants to keep them to myself.  This wedding, Katy + Chris, was lovely, yes, but even more, it renewed my faith in love and hope and the term "cherish".  I think that's why I really want to hold onto the post.  Like holding onto it will keep it stronger in my heart.  

There was a moment during the day when we were getting close on time, and I was scrambling to get everything photographed, that time almost stood still.  It was when Katy + Chris met in the hallway of the church with a door between them and read notes they had written to each other.  Okay.  As a wedding photographer, I thought, "been there, done that.  BIG DEAL."  I mean, come on.  After photographing over 200 weddings, wait...300 weddings, I've almost seen it all.  I'm still waiting for a chipmunk to carry the rings down the aisle, but back to my story.

Katy had gotten him a gift, and he had gotten her one as well, but that wasn't it.  It was the letter Chris read to Katy titled, "my future wife" and he had written it his freshmen year at college.   It was so beautiful and simple and from his heart, this old weathered photographer just melted into a pool of love and warm fuzzy feels.  And believe you me, Katy did as well!  It was such a sweet surprise to me, as a momma of two beautiful young ladies, praying for their future husbands, that there was a boy, pouring his heart out to the Lord about his future wife!!!  I mean, COME ON!  Does this really happen anymore?  Guys, it does.  And it did.  And it renewed my faith in God and His plan for all the "single ladies" out there that it can happen.  And it WILL HAPPEN.

Their wedding day was filled with chaos, laughter, and tons of love and it was simply beautiful.  Be sure and scroll down through all the images to the very end.  I included a video that Katy shared on her facebook page.  The videographers were AWESOME to work with, so please show them some social media love.  

We all love a little love, right?  Best wishes to the newlyweds and may you be blessed with LOTS of babies and TONS of good times!

Love Does,