the one where Jake + Ashton get married


Sometimes there's a wedding or event in my life that I don't want to share on my blog.  I want to keep it to myself and languish in it.  Just let it sit and be a part of me instead of a part of  my world.  Jake + Ashton's wedding was just that.  It was a weekend where life slowed down, for me anyway, and I got to just be in the sunshine with good people loving each other.  

A little back story.  

Ashton's mom + dad are old friend's of ours.  Devin, my hubby and Shawn, Ashton's dad, played softball together.  For years.  Or for long enough to win a city championship.  My hubby still has the t-shirts to prove it!  When Raquel called to let me know her baby was engaged, I was so happy.  It was a milestone that I knew someday would happen in my life.  They were raising girls, Devin and I are raising girls.  And we hope and dream and wish for them.

When the wedding rolled around, I was so happy for them!  Both sides of all the families where there to celebrate and be together!  It was awesome!  Add to that the sunshine and me being in a new space, well, I made some pretty pictures with these people.  And I was sad to say goodbye.

Much love to Florida and my lovely friends there...