the one with Kelcee + Kaleb, a wedding at St. Joseph Church in Slaton

the one with Kelcee + Kaleb, a wedding at St. Joseph Church in Slaton

Look at these two up there! How happy are they? They had both just walked down the aisle at the start of their wedding and the deacon was welcoming the guests and these two were BEAMING! Just ready to be married!!! Kelcee and Kaleb are hometown sweethearts. They grew up here in West Texas and never really knew each other. I asked Kelcee a couple of questions about their wedding and here’s what she said.

What made you choose your wedding location? We chose the location (St. Joseph Church in Slaton, Texas) of our wedding because it was the same church that both of our parents got married in! 

Three words to describe your wedding: relaxed, blessing, and perfect!

Our first dance was to “Yours” by Russell Dickerson. While the song is written from the perspective of the male, the lyrics describe exactly how Kaleb and I felt prior to meeting one another, and how we feel after having met. 

"The best me has his arms around you
You make me better than I was before
Thank God I'm yours”

Who officiated your wedding? Deacon Leroy Behnke officiated our wedding. We chose him because Kaleb has known him his entire life and describes Leroy as one of the most holy, Christ-like humans he has ever met. Deacon Leroy played a huge role in Kaleb’s spiritual life growing up, and I was fortunate to have met Leroy once Kaleb and I started dating. The love, faith, and marriage that Leroy and Pat have is what Kaleb and I want for our future, and we are fortunate to have had them be a part of our ceremony. 

What inspired us when planning our wedding, was that the main focus would be around God! He is the reason for everything in this world, including the reason we found one another. We wanted the ceremony to be centered around Christ, to set the foundation for the rest of our marriage. 

Let’s chat about vendors you chose for your wedding. For vendors, we or our family did most of it ourselves! I would love to feature Ashley Rainwater though. She is the one who did my hair. It was exactly what I wanted and stayed in tact the whole night….even after all the dancing! :)

Ashley Rainwater- Facebook page:

She’s totally right you know. Just have a look at all these wedding photos.

I know I got on my soap box a bit in that gallery post, but it’s something I feel strongly about. Weddings have gotten to be so much of the same. There’s always a bride and groom. There’s a ceremony, many times outside of the church, and there’s a celebration of some sort. It’s been that way since Jesus changed the water into wine. The people involved are different and uniquely created so your wedding will be different solely because of who is involved. No one dances like you, (or your dad) and no one has the family you have. Try not to stress about the details so much. Hire someone who knows how to handle their gear and any lighting situation and most of all, knows how to document the good stuff. You do that, you’ll LOVE your wedding photos!!

Here’s what Kelcee sent me after she had the chance to view her photos…

The pictures are INCREDIBLE!! Kaleb and I just got the chance to look at all of them, and they are beautiful. Thank you for being a part of our special day and capturing memories that will last forever.

Love does,