the one where Summer Zoe turns 21


my baby turned 21 last month. I'm late to the game, blogging about it. Maybe we needed all that time to recover?  No? 

Since she was having hip surgery just a few days later, we needed to keep it sort of low key. I mean it would not be great to show up for your pre-op "nine sheets to the wind" and have your surgery postponed. Hello!  Moderation folks. So, we came up with a plan for a margarita pub crawl. Yeah!  

It started with a question on Facebook. I love social media for stuff like that. I posted a question asking folks about their favorite place in Lubbock to get a margarita in Lubbock. People did not disappoint!  We devised our plan from those answers and thoroughly enjoyed our day!  No worries about drunk driving. Momma refrained from drinking after that first location, and drove everyone. Safety first folks. 



We started at Torchy's. This place was not on the Facebook thread, but we love their queso and we needed lunch. Plus, they have a decent bar and easy access to that Marsha Sharp freeway. Important factors when crawling all over the LBK for drinks.  

That picture above is the newest feature on Snapchat. You can opt out of course, but if you opt in, friends can join you on your pub crawl when they are available and find out where you are. See our cute little avatars up there just hanging out at Torchy's?   

We hit up quite a few places and enjoyed them all. Ended up crashing a realator' party at Abuello's Patio before winding up at Campesie's Restaraunt for dinner.  Shoutout to our happy bunch of margarita buddies...

Taylor Conley, Brannon Fowler, Susan Hart, Emily Houchina and Carri Limmer. Such a fun bunch to have in your life!!  We love each and every one of you and thank you for your time and drinking talents!  Also, thank you to Lindsay for letting us crash her "Party on the Patio". Super kind of you. 

Until 22!!!  Happy Birthday, Summer Zoe!!!