the one where I shoot Haley in a parking garage

Lubbock Wedding Photographer

I'm so very thankful Haley hired me to photograph her wedding.  So very thankful.  She's a Cooper Girl and her brother graduated with Kalyn back in 2012.  So, we actually photographed a few football things together because HELLO!  Cooper!  Football!  Brother!  Were you not listening?  LOL. And I loved her spunky spirit and fun personality.  Add to that, RED HAIR and well, I was in heaven!!!  I love red hair!  It's gorgeous!  Always...even when messy in the West Texas Wind.

She was married last week.  It's been a week and I've been moving, packing, unpacking, cleaning like crazy and spending time with my girls.  And well, I forgot to blog her bridal.  I thought about it last night while lying in bed.  Everyone needs to see these?  Everyone.  Because, well, West Texas happens all the time around here and you just have to roll with it. I rolled this session right into a parking garage and the image below right?  One of my favorites!!!  I'm in love with that image!!!  

Thank you, Miss Haley, for being so awesome and loving my work, and rocking it like a super model in a dirty garage so I could get my photo fix.  I greatly appreciate it.  

Everyone have a great weekend!

Love does,