They were calling it the "showdown across town".  In fact, they had a Hashtag for the vent!  And when I was driving up, I even saw planes hovering above advertising because HELLO!  This is where everyone wanted to be Friday night!  Everyone wanted to watch the Lubbock Cooper Pirates play sportsball against the Frenship Tigers!  And I was one of those "everyones".  

So much excitement!!! You could feel the energy in the parking lot!  Crazy!!!  And I loved it!!!  The band was there, the key people were there and the sidelines were packed with photographers.  We all wanted a chance to document this game.  Even this Lubbock Wedding Photographer couldn't stay away!  

I got to see my good friend, LuAnn Curry with Curry Photography.  Her husband, Randy works the business with her and anytime I'm at a sporting event with Frenship, I get to hug her neck!  I so wish I would have remembered to take a selfie with her!  I hate that I forget.  You'll just have to take my word that I saw her.  OK?  

The Pirates came out strong and played hard and had a 21-0 lead at the 1/2.  WOW!  That was awesome!  And then they came out of the locker room for the 3rd quarter and the defense held the goose egg and we all just went nuts!!!  I loved it!  Way to play Cooper and a HUGE shout out to the student body and awesome they were!!  Sure there was some rival things yelled a time or two, but for the most part, they were respectful, they cheered on our boys, and it looked like they had an AWESOME time doing it!

You can view more pictures on the Pirate Gallery.  Simple click the link "down with LCP" that's under the menu.  

Love Does,