You read that right!  Lubbock Cooper has a soccer team!  I’m so excited!  And Wednesday, they played their first game!  It’s just a JV schedule this year, but next year?  Watch out West Texas!  These girls will ROCK!  Heck!  They rock pretty hard core right now.

Kalyn Marie played soccer for years.  And had to stop once she started playing varsity ball for Cooper.  She missed it so much that when she went away to college, she joined their club soccer team at UT.  She hadn’t played in almost 3 years, and tried out and made the team!  Very cool.  So, I dragged her along with me Wednesday in the freezing cold to photograph the girls.

Wow!  The Lady Pirates are playing soccer!  You can view more photos by heading to the Cooper Pirate Gallery.  See that link in the menu?  "Down With LCP"

Love Does,

PS That #10?  Yep.  She could be my favorite.  HELLO!  Slaton girls stick together no matter where they roam.  Go Lady PIrates!