the one with the season opener against Idalou

Friday Night Lights in Texas baby!  and I had to work.  Yep.  It's been crazy since we moved those girls back to college.  We haven't hired at The Bull Stop yet, as we are waiting for the right human to come along, and in the meantime, I'm pulling shifts.  I haven't worked up there since May and I'm a bit rusty.  But it hasn't been too terribly bad until today.  I was scheduled to work and needed to be in several places.  LUNA as hosting a fundraiser at the Lubbock Country Club and our boys were playing under the lights tonight in the Pirate Nation.  As in FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS!  But things worked out with LUNA and I managed to make part of the game.  It ended up ending at 1/2 time as the lightening just wouldn't stay away.  So, here's a few pictures of the action last night.  You can always catch more on the Pirate Gallery.  See you next time!

Love Does,