the one with 2 Devins, and engagement in the sunflowers

Devin + Devin are getting married next year and I couldn't be more excited!  He's a coach at Cooper and just an all around great guy!  And he found this lovely, tiny little thing and fell madly in love with her I'm sure!  They were so easy to photograph and just great together.  Really they were!  Add to that they brought their dog?  Well, I was happy.  

I was trying to find the image I took of him when he first started coaching at Cooper and wore a bow-tie to the games.  HELLO!  #dressingfly If I find it while redoing this website, I'll post it and let you know.  Stay tuned!  And did you hear that?  Yep.  New blogsite.  I'm too tired to have a big HURRAY!  Hello!  Techno stuff is exhausting!

Enjoy the sneak peek, and Devin + Devin?  Thank you.  I'm honored to be photographing your wedding next year!  

Love does,