the one where Cynthia + John get married at Cedar Canyon in Sulphur Spring, Texas

They met just over a year ago.  John saw Cynthia in the cafeteria they were both at for a camp for kids.  She totally stood out to him and after wooing her with his charm and good graces, cupid pulled back his blow and BAM!  They were in love!  Come to find out, they grew up and went to school just miles from each other and never met.  Even had mutual friends, I believe.  

John is the baby brother of Haley and Andi, two gorgeous Mt. Vernon girls who's weddings I've photographed.  So, to travel again to this beautiful part of Texas and celebrate with family and friends is so much fun when you already know 1/2 the bunch!  I had a blast!  Add to the fact that the Huffstetler's put me up in the AMAZEBALLS Selah Inn, which is where all of John's cute military STUDS were staying, and this girl didn't want to go home!  Nope.  Nada.  I wanted to stay in that big feather bed and roll around that country side and stare at those guys for days.  But alas, all good things do come to and end, so it's a good thing I managed to crank out a couple of photos.  I totally want to remember this place!


One of the benefits of photographing weddings in documentary coverage is that you get to be there with the couple the entire day.  I love that!  Cynthia's day started with a lovely brunch thrown by very good friends at a lovely home by the lake in Mt. Pleasant.  

If you follow me on Instagram, you may have seen these gorgeous photos of Cynthia getting ready!  HELLO!  Better then a Kardashian for sure, but I just couldn't get over her cheekbones.  LOVE!  I want some of those, like NOW.

I say military guys are just plain HOT.  As in hot to look at and HOT natured under all this gear they have to wear.  I was impressed and sympathetic.  Plus they have this history, you know?  Because they've been through the thick and the thin together, they just rib each other and the humor is quite contagious.  Just a great group of guys!

John wrote Cynthia a sweet letter.  Being military, he documented the time precisely.  Of course he did!

Um...ladies?  Feast your eyes on this great looking bunch!  

This is Brooks on his Uncle's lap.  I LOVE this photograph and truly know how much it will mean to the family in years to come.  Plus, Brooks is adorable and sweet and filled with new baby goodness, I just want to eat him up!  And John, you looks pretty swell yourself, Mr!  HELLO!  Hot groom below...

I forgot to mention that this place, Cedar Canyon is brawn spanking new!  As in I could smell the paint and varnish new.  And I LOVE that smell!  The bride's room didn't even have the floors complete.  But the lighting worked and we didn't even venture out into the heat.  I would have loved to have a bit more space with these girls, as you know how messy getting ready can be, but still.  I LOVED working here!

Show time!

Of course it was a beautiful ceremony!  Cynthia and John were very thoughtful for non-speaking Spanish family and friends that were there.  They had a translator there so that everyone felt a part of what was going on.  

After some family portraits in the heat of the East Texas sun, (don't worry!  I worked we had a Mariachi band to enjoy) it was time to  P A R T Y.  

It was a wonderful celebration!  Lots of love and good times in that room! And HELLO!  Some very fine, fine dancing.  I'm sad really.  I wish John had a brother or one more sister.  When you work with families through the years as they get married, have children, you grow rather fond of them and just expect to keep them in your lives.  Surely there's a cousin or two getting married soon.  So I can see you all again.  Surely, that wasn't the LAST time I get to watch the fine dancing moves to the classic hit, Brick House?  Surely?

Much love, Cynthia + John and best wishes for a happy lifetime together!