the one where they crown the Queen, HOCO15

It's fitting that I'm blogging something about Cooper when I just got back from a funeral for a long time Cooper lady.  Jeanette Heinrich passed away on Sunday and she worked in the offices at Cooper.  Her children great up with my husband and attended Cooper Schools.  As you glance through these pictures and all the memories you are making here in the Pirate Nation, maybe say a sweet prayer for the family?

We crowned a Queen!!!  Congratulations to Miss Maddie Bryan!!! She looked GORGEOUS, as did so many of the Princesses!  I love this time of year and despite having gatorade bottles and an exercise bike in the background, after all it is a football field, it was a lovely occasion!  I was talking to some of the other adults down on the track and we all remarked about how we looked NOTHING like this in HS.  HELLO!  I was a complete dork.  Not near as put together as these gorgeous young ladies, nor did I have the fashion sense.  Heck, I still don't have it together.  At this point, I may never. 

Of course, many more photos available on the Lubbock Cooper Gallery!