I have to blog in order.  I just have to.  Okay, so I posted and Instagram photo out of order.  But for the most part, I blog and instagram in the order I photograph things.  And HELLO!  It was the Lady Pirates.  They trump EVERYTHING.  I mean, the boys maybe Kings of the School or the Boys of Fall and all that, but the Lady Pirates?  They are the Queens!!!  So just deal with it.  I'm a bit biased perhaps.  Just sayin'.

The Pep Rally photos have been posted to the LCHS Homecoming Gallery.  Just click that button marked LCP over there to the left.  It will take you to the Cooper Gallery.  You'll see the one marked HOCO15.  

Here's my sneak peek of the event.  Big shoutout to our Pirate Band!!!  They are AWESOME in the AM, AWESOME in the PM, just plain AWESOME!  

Love Does,