Homecoming has started!  There's a chill in the air, and even though my girls are far, far away, I'm always finding myself back on Cooper's campus, drawn to the energy and the sense of community!  Earlier in the month, I saw a facebook post from Coach Parsley about an alumni game.  I had been to one before many moons ago and loved watching it!  We skipped a year last year, but here they are back again and it was so much fun! The first few minutes, they played reserved, almost seeing how everyone was going to play.  You know, testing the waters sort of speak.  That didn't last long and soon girls were diving for balls, doing quick moves, fouling!  Yes, even technicals!  LOL  And lots and lots of laughs!  

Thank you ladies for coming out and playing!  It was a great way to kick-off the weekend's festivities and I enjoyed watching you guys play!  Always a Lady Pirate fan!

Love Does,

PS  I'm not saying who one.  Evens or Odds.  They can share that news.  And does anyone know the record over the years?  I'd be interested in that little piece of knowledge.