the one with the BIG ASS fireworks show @ Pirate Stadium

Last night...  There are moments when I'm so happy and proud to be a Pirate!  Last night was one of them. The Pirate Nation was filled with Americans celebrating the 4th of July!!!  Cars and people were everywhere!  Social media was lighting up like crazy!  Everyone was visiting and sharing and taking selfies and just enjoying the evening. 

My family enjoyed it, too. The girls and Devin came after the Bull Stop closed. Grandma and Chief joined us as well.  We parked at St. Ramon's and watched for well over an hour. Then we ran into my Fed Ex guy (and Brett Salas's uncle, ahhh!  What's his name?!?!) and visited with them for a while. They were having a party across the street. And after the show, they walked the parking lot and picked up all the trash that was left behind. Not ours of citrate, but how cool are they?!?!  

That's what I love about West Texas towns. SLATON and Cooper look out for each other. Pray for each other. Celebrate each other. 

Happy Birthday America!  And thank you, Grimes Dentistry. Awesome show!!!  

Love does,