the one where I blog from my phone, Father's Day pictures

My blog is really pissing me off. I can't post pictures from the desktop version but from the app?  No problem. It's driving me crazy. But I need to blog!!!  So I'm trying from my iPhone. Not easy when you have fat thumbs like me. We celebrated Father's Day with some cooking. Yep. When you juice non-stop you plan all your celebrations around food. And you dream it about it. Oh how you dream about it!  Lol 

Devin slow cooked some ribs and chicken and I threw together a few sides. I don't eat meat and haven't for a couple of years. But when the man slow cooks some yard birds, I can't resist!  So I "cheated" a bit.  

Okay I cheated a lot. Hello!  I also made some homemade chocolate brownies that were total YUM!!!  So, no meat but definitely calories. 

The girls had given Devin his gift earlier in the day.  4 of the top rated beers in the country. Super cool for him!  He's really getting into all these beers thanks to the Bull Stop. 

Only thing that could have been better?  Hugging my own Dad. 

Happy Father's. Day!