the one where I lock my keys in my car in the middle of Brittany + Kyle's engagement session

I locked my keys in my car during a session on Father's Day.

Let that soak in for a minute. Yep. Father's Day. And if you know photography, you know that the last few hours before sunset is when we are typically shooting. We call that the "golden hour" or "God's light". That's when I was photographing Brittany + Kyle's engagement session. We chose Father's Day because that was a Sunday we both had available and it just worked for us. (And for Kyle's hair...but that's another story.) This story is about how Brittany + Kyle were awesomely patient with me and were troopers galore in waiting with me in East Lubbock. Oh. One more thing. They brought shot guns!

These two met in college over math, which to me is awful, and maybe it was a bit awful for Kyle, as well, but not for Brittany! She was his tutor during a course and they fell in love. They are now together forever and sealing the deal with a wedding next year and I'm the lucky girl that gets to photograph it. Because they are into football, each other and hunting, we decided to end the session at sunset with some photos with their guns and camo. Doesn't that just SCREAM WEST TEXAS? But before we could shoot the last segment of their engagement session, KRISTIN LOCKED HER KEYS IN HER CARWITH MY CAMERA INSIDE.

A quick call from Kyle's cell phone to pop-a-lock (or something like that...) and a 30 minute wait and the sun going down minute by minute, further and further. I was worried. Geez...I was worried. What a lame ass thing to do? But these two? They waited patiently with me, on their tailgate, in their cute outfits and it all turned out OK and we still made the photos. Plus, I got to know them a bit better. So, maybe I should lock my keys in my car more often?

Love Does,