It's Powder Puff Time, HELLO!

CC3A5416You know it's summertime when Powder Puff is happening! HELLO! It can get intense! It can get CRAZY! It can get hot! And don't mean sexy hot, I mean burning hot from the sun! I've experienced many a sun burn at a Powder Puff Game. Many. So this year I covered up. I wore long sleeves and long leggings. Yep. I that old crazy momma that just dresses like an old crazy momma. No denial here.

This year, Cooper's Powder Puff game was moved to a Monday because Hollie Windham was competing at State in the long jump. AND the girl went on to win 6th place, by the way. Just saying. How awesome is that? And she was competing in the long jump and the girl is not the tallest drop of water, if you know what I mean. That makes her placement even more impressive! I know I am impressed! BRAVO, HOLLIE!!! I'm sure that didn't put pressure on you one bit come game time. I mean, hold an entire powder puff football game just for you? hee hee

Things that stand out:

  • male cheerleaders. They can't help but stand out. But this year, they had a stick cheerleader for Mr. Marnell, who couldn't make it. Or could he? Maybe he had demerits? Maybe he was benched? Who knows? But his fellow cheer mates made sure he was there in spirit. I'm sure you can scroll to see what I'm talking about.
  • the ground. It's hard! I don't think the girls realize just how beat up a football player can get throwing their body around to tackle, block and chase. It's rough! You might be a great volleyball player, basketball girl, or even softball, but when it comes to throwing your body around, no body does it like football. NOBODY.
  • smack talking. It's so funny to stand behind the "coaching staff" and hear them mimic things they heard when they played. Remarks their coaches shared with them to promote better play. It can get pretty snarky and funny. I think I heard Coach Kat tell a few players, and possibly coaches to watch their language a time or two. With a smile for sure!
  • girls will do verbatim what their coaches tell them. Okay, maybe not verbatim, but let me explain. And I won't mention names. There was a penalty on the field, something about a late hit or bad block or something. Gasp! I know. I know. The ref asked the player why? She responded, "because my coach told me to. ". And you know what? HE DID! I heard him. But he was most likely frustrated and joking. You know, when you miss the tackle (grabbing the flag) and he's frustrated, he moans, "ugh...punch her in the face". But she took it legitimately as a thing to do. So she did. Oh, my!
  • the fun. You can hear kids in the stands laughing, coaches laughing and enjoying themselves, parents laughing. I think that's the purpose of Powder Puff, to bring everyone together in a joyful time before we are all apart for the summer.
  • Oh, JUNIORS WIN. They just couldn't be stopped. Between Hollie's speed and Megan's arm, it couldn't be helped. They won by a touchdown or two? I can't remember. But it was great battle on both sides. For sure!
  • a bunny for a mascot. Lula? Or was it Lucy? Oh, gosh! I can't remember! But Juniors had a bunny mascot there on their side of the field. On a leash. By their bench. It was mentioned that she was their good luck charm. Maybe it worked? Maybe it was Hollie? Me watching the game? I think it was Meghan. Girl can throw a football!
  • the announcers ROCK. I was cracking up! They didn't know much about football to say what was going on but they definitely kept it light hearted and fun! Oh, and very positive! They even remarked about the photographers on the sidelines, which warmed my heart! Nicely done!

Okay, enough talk, here's a few images from thegame and as always more are posted on the Pirate Gallery,


Love Does - Kristin