the one with the windy prom day


In West Texas, it's just expected. We don't get a "gentle breeze" ever. We do everything big here, so we do WIND BIG HERE as well. And Prom for Idalou was no exception. My girls always had pictures before prom with their group of friends. This year, with both of mine out of high school, I was going to miss it. I thought... but then my friend Michelle called and asked me to photograph her daughter's group of friends and the day was saved! YEAH! PROM FASHION STRIKES AGAIN! I don't know what it is about it, but I love seeing all the dresses, shoes, hair, jewelry! All of it! So, thank you Michelle. And thank you, brave group of friends that spent tons of money on dresses, tuxes, makeup, hair, etc., and allowed me to take you outside in the wind, to make a few photographs. You did GREAT!

Love does,