the one with Jordan and the bowtie


20150408_0577There's been so many cool clouds lately with all our "spring weather". Just INTENSE, really. But I love it! Lucky for me it didn't stop us from photographing Jordan and his family the other day. I always encourage families to be present at part of a Grad Session. I mean, after all, the family dynamics can change when one leaves for college. I know ours has! So, even if it's it for a few images at the beginning of the session, I encourage this!!! It's so important!!!

Things that stand out from this session:

  • laughs and love. This family laughs a lot together! I mean just look at those smiles? And even though it's supposed to be work for me? It doesn't really feel like it. They just brought me along for the ride.
  • Jordan's sense of style. He has a great pair of shoes and the bowtie? I didn't share it here, but the boy can dress. And his posture is AMAZEBALLS! I blame band.
  • the storm blew in and everything changed. He had a total different feel him and it showed in his images. Like the first one? BAM! 5 minutes later there was trash blowing EVERYWHERE!

Thanks, Jordan (and mom, Macy.) I was THRILLED I got to do this.

Love Does - Kristin