the one with Abigail, GRAD 2015


I seriously have a problem when it comes to photographing seniors. I want to blog ALL the images to show you because they are seriously all fantastic images! And not because I made them, (har har) but because this time in a graduate's life is just so darn happy. It truly is! I love photographing them!!!! Okay, so maybe I say that about a lot of things? Puppies, brides, babies, etc. But it's true! Graduates are so darn happy. Maybe it's the upcoming freedom? Maybe it's the idea of college, and new friends, and new places. Or maybe it's just because they love to play dress up!!! I have no idea, but here's a warning about your blog feed today, folks. Get ready for Abigail!!!! This girl is headed to A+M, just like her sister's before her. And watch out!!! She's got big plans. I have no idea what they are, but this laid back beauty can throw together an AMAZING grad session in under 20 minutes of prep, so I'm expecting GRAND for her future!!! You go girl!!!

Love Does,