the one with Charlsie in a pretty red top

20150325_0012I'm crossing my fingers this blog post goes through. I'm still in New Orleans and working at a conference here and the internet is cray cray. Yes. I just typed that. It fits. Because you know this hotel must have amazing internet, and somehow my "cozy corner room" is hit or miss. UGH...and because I'm in my jammies "working", I won't go down to the lobby. HELLO! So, honestly, if this goes through, I will do a happy dance. Because it's a good day. Very good day.

This blog is for Charlsie. She's graduating from college and needed some pictures to remember the occassion. Plus she has amazing hair and THAT alone is a reason to take photos. Don't you think? If I had hair like this it would have it's own instagram account. Not kidding

Love does,