the one with Ryan in the field, Frenship GRAD 2015

20150322_0273STOP! Look at Ryan up there being all sexy! HELLO! I've known Ryan's family, mainly his sister, who played some bad ass softball with my daughter, Kalyn Marie, other wise known as "wheels". I think we called Caitlynn "Red" maybe? But we honestly should have called her "American Idol", as the girl can sing ANYTHING. And knows the words to ALL SONGS THAT EXIST EVER. Sure made some fun memories, that's for sure.

Well, this stud is graduating this Spring and I was thrilled beyond belief when his dad called about portraits. They've been through a lot as a family and I really wanted to photograph the entire family together before they lost their mom. But it didn't happen. UGH. I HATE that. But it's hard enough getting everyone together when you are healthy, let alone dealing with illness. So, what's the next best thing? Continuing to photograph them.

Ryan brought along his sweetie and we spent some time together hitting TT Campus and a few other spots that fit his style and mood. He's soooooo laid back, easy to talk to and HELLO! Easy on the eyes. Future looks bright for you, Ryan. Thank you for letting me photograph your GRAD SESSION!!!

Best Wishes and always remember....LOVE DOES!