the one with the Behnke BBQ, Easter 2015

2015_0005It's very strange to have Easter without Kalyn. Very strange indeed. Don't get me wrong! It was still a great celebration and day! We had Summer Zoe home from school and we went to the Lubbock Country Club to eat, which was very nice. Always is. But the entire weekend, I felt like it wasn't real. You know? Just off perhaps? But I've pretty much felt like that since she's been gone. So, it is what it is.

The EB (Easter Bunny) still came to see her and her chocolate egg, (Thank you, Toni.) is wrapped and frozen, waiting for her arrival. I just have to make it through the next 6 weeks and baby girl will be on home turf. YES! Miss her so!!!

When your kids get older, the EB brings less candy. It's like he knows or something. One chocolate bunny and the rest? Fun stuff every girls wants! Socks, makeup, cute PJ's, etc. And no Easter grass. HELLO! More room for goodies. LOL I swear, the EB has a blast doing this!

Another first for us this season is the famous Behnke Easter BBQ. Yep. We finally made it to one. And you know what? We thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. If you get the chance, you should go to one as well. Good times and lots of God's blessings!

Love does,