the one where I visit Rebekah in Denver

The-Kitchen-Table-InvitationI went to Denver last month for a "progressive dining experience". Hello! Come to Denver and eat? Why, yes, thank you, I will. Thank you for inviting me, Rebekah. Rebekah, graduated with my Kalyn Marie, but even more then that, I watched her grow up. They grew up together. From St. Joseph School to Cooper they stayed friends. And she spent a lot of time in my house. I was her confirmation sponsor and you know what? Friend. Iwatched her grow up into a sweet, beautiful young lady. And she's graduating soon from college this spring and one of her BIG final things is this. The Kitchen Table event. I was more then happy to make the trek and more then happy to catch a ride from her parents. We only stayed a couple of days, but we managed to chew through quite a few good foods together and laugh. AND take a few pictures. All in all, a good couple of days.

Love does,