the one with baby Pierce

20130719_0092I've been traveling all week. NO BULL STOP FOR ME! But it's been good travel. The kind you take with friends with basically no agenda but good food, a few picture and good company. I like that kind of traveling! And then the end of this week took a nasty turn with some bad news, I'm afraid. Nothing wrong me me and my health. Just to throw that out there. I'm good. A-OK. But sometimes other news can drag you down and put you in a state of mind you don't like. That was me. Stuck in the middle of bad news and needing an escape. Well, enter baby Pierce. His birth day was earlier this week and once home, I got to go and see him and document his 48th hour here in our world. What a joy a newborn is. Seriously, what a joy.

Love does,