the one with the LCHS Softball Team

20150119_0005I just finished uploading the Lubbock Cooper Softball Team Photos to their gallery. Head on over to to view. Funny story I wanted to share. I've been working at The Bull Stop quite a bit and editing up there as well on my laptop. I was posting images to their gallery and had almost hit the publish key when I did a quick one through to make sure I had all the girl's posted. Well, needless to say, I missed some profanity on the beams above their heads in their individual shots. Like in over 100 images! I was so busy looking at their pretty faces I completely missed it! How would that have looked to their parents, faculty and their coaches! Here's our Lady Pirates sitting under a beam that reads, F*#! Y@*. Yeah, not so good. Of course, I edited the profanity out and uploaded the girls again. HELLO! Close one. Just a side effect of East Lubbock shooting. OH, my.

Go Lady Pirates! Have a great season!!!