the one with Payton, Lubbock Cooper HS Grad 2015


Meet gorgeous Payton.

She's a SENIOR at Lubbock Cooper and I have the pleasure of knowing her as she played basketball with my daughter, Summer Zoe.

When you are a Senior in HS, life moves incredibly fast. Everyone tells you to enjoy it, but at the same time they are asking you everything about your future, where you are going? What are you going to study? What do you want to do when you grow up?

There's pressure. And it can be incredibly tough.

And with Payton, she's got ball to play. A team to lead. She's in the middle of her senior year and holding herself very well. I'm amazed at just how well! I mean, I know I'm not at school dealing with everything these kids are dealing with. I'm not at home with her to know all the ins and outs of her life. But when people show up in front of my camera and I look into their eyes and read the anxiety and the craziness and the pressure.

And I pray.

I pray as I press the shutter and as I take in their actions, their breathes, their angles.

I pray that they truly do enjoy it! And that they give themselves a huge break once in a while to realize that they don't have to figure it all out. They can take it a day at a time and enjoy this day. This day alone.

So, the day I photographed Payton? I really did enjoy it. She was graceful, and not. Funny and serious. And truly sweet and sassy.

She looks incredibly strong. And beautiful. And truly, cool and kick ass fun! I love you Payton!!! Play hard always, in everything! Life is so GREAT when you play hard! It will play hard back, but it will give you so much more then you could ever give when you open yourself up to it all!!!

Enjoy your sneak peek and check your email for your gallery link!

Love does,