the one with Bentley @ 1 year

documentary family photographer

At first, he wasn’t sure what to think of me. I mean, who is this lady in my house? Hello! I just woke up from my nap and she’s snap snap snapping. I met Bentley’s dad at a wedding this spring. He wanted to gift his mom some pictures of his adorable son Bentley, so when I drove back home from Katee + Matt’s FABULOUS wedding, I went up North through Electra. Have you ever heard of it? There's not much there. Or so I thought at first. But I did notice some pretty cool brick streets. I love old towns with brick streets. YES. I know they are high maintenance, but they are super cool to photograph. And they just work with a classic look. So right away, pulling up to Benley's house, I knew I was going to use the brick. BIG saucer eyes…clinging to Dad’s shirt. He’s at that age where you just aren’t sure. He was just starting to realize that he was separate from Dad and didn't know me. So, what's up? Plus, we were going outside and HELLO! Not many 1 years olds spend much time in the street, brick or not, if you know what I mean. LOL We had some issues with the shoes. Yep. As in they would NOT stay on and his socks weren’t quite jiving with the outfit. So, shoes WERE necessary. But Electra is small and a quick trip back to home, shoe recovered and we were shooting again. He's the sweetest thing! I swear he i! Just have a look for yourself.
Love Does,