the one with Sally + Rich's engagement session

20141123_0028One gorgeous fall day, I returned from a wedding in Bryan, Texas to photograph an engagement session in Dallas and Fort Worth. Life has been very good since my year spent on the couch. I honestly don't mind this traveling and photographing. HELLO! It's been totally awesome! Sally + Rich are getting married in Wall next summer. They met and fell in love and I get to photograph them! Walks in parks, tuxes in concert halls, dog poop in the pretty park. What? Yep. I stepped in dog poop shortly after this photograph above was made. I then proceeded to stink up the Myerson with my dog poop covered ballet flats.


I'm always making an impression, no? Only me folks. Only me.

Also, this was a Sunday in Dallas in the fall. Do you know what's going on at pretty parks in Dallas in the fall? Family sessions for Christmas cards. Yep. When we pulled up to the place Sally had chosen, there were no less then 10 photographers with families. Some waiting for the pretty water and rocks. But the thing about West Texas photographers, we can make almost anything look good and honestly? Just need some sweet light. We are used to working in miserable places and making them seem AMAZING. So we made our way around all the chaos and found our own little path of the world.

Oh, and the dog poop? Ballet flats came clean. Now I just have to work on the carpet in the car.

Love does,