the one where a 2 year old runs the show

2014_1488When I talk to families about the session and how it rolls, I ask for ages of kids and we go from there. If there's a toddler in the bunch, I let the mom know that everything about that session revolves around them. It just does. We meet, we play, we hope and dream they sit still long enough for an amazing lovable family portrait, but I encourage them to be flexible and just go according to their little one. This is a glimpse of their life at that time. The chaos, the energy, and the sweetness. And this family was total sweetness!

Meet Knox and his family. I've photographed Knox many times and he's such a joy and full of life and HELLO! The best baby lips in town!!!! You can't help but run after him and squeeze him! But that's the thing. Knox is getting bigger and bigger each day. His hair is long and his legs are long. So, he's pretty darn fast. When choosing locations for a kid like Knox, you pick wide open spaces that are safe and pretty. Tall order in West Texas, don't you think?

He did wonderful! Exactly like I expected a 2 year old to do, and his family? They were awesome, too. Patient, understanding and most of all, very nice to look at. LOL As you scroll through these images, you will get a good idea of just how a family session with a two year old, rolls. FUN

Love Does,