the one where I go to a Roller Derby Game




Toni made the signs. How cute are they? Scary Go Round is my hairdresser. Yep. The girl who does my do. My Hairdo. LOL She's a roller derby girl and we went to watch her last match here in Lubbock. She's a member of the Roller Dollz. When we got there, we had a choice of "suicide seats" or the seats in the stands. You can just guess where we picked to sit. LOL! Yep. Suicide seats baby! No worries. No one was injured, at least not in the seats. We did watch a girl on the opposing team bite it super hard and lay there for a while. I think she then threw up in a trashcan before heading to her seats. Gosh! These girls are tough! I had a great time watching and shooting and even more fun afterwards hanging out with friends. I sure don't do that enough.

Love does,