the one where the Pirates beat the Westerners



I have never shot at the Plains Captial Bank field in Lubbock. It's where the "big schools" play. You know, Lubbock High, Monterey, Coronado. Our Pirate Nation came out in full force to play Lubbock High so, I got the chance to photograph there. I was pretty pumped. Pretty pumped. You know, I was think, big field, big lights.

I was totally wrong. WRONG in the worst way WRONG. I think Idalou even had better lights then this field. HELLO! All that money and 4 light pole. 4. 4 light poles. Someone give me the superintendent's number. I have a complaint to file.


The only thing making this blog post better is that it's filled with PIRATES. Our Cooper Pirates. Gosh, I love this team! Enjoy the sneak peek and as always, more on the PIRATE GALLERY.

Love Does,