the one with Monterey BB Team

Something about high school boys. Just something. Maybe it's the age? You know, full of hope and energy much like young boys are, yet, also just full of it. You know? Full of it! And that makes them so much fun to photograph! Monterey does a BB program and needed someone to shoot the teams for the images. I had the chance to photograph them last year, so when they called this year, I jumped on it. JV boys went first an we photographed them outside. It was a gorgeous hot day. GORGEOUS. Last year? Raining cats and dogs and cold, cold, cold. Don't worry, I managed to get a decent one for the program. By decent I mean boring, looking at the camera where you can see their face and numbers. And I photographed each one by himself. This is where personality really shines! You'll notice when you scroll down. Go ahead, scroll. And I will join you .

Next, the VARSITY PLAYERS. They do a suit and tie for the program. Spiffy little fellas. Looking pretty darn good. Guess who forgot the grey backdrop this year? Yep. THIS GIRL. So, we used the wall in the gym and you know what? It turned out just fine. And the boys clean up really well. And a suit is pretty darn cool to wear once in a while. Especially when you still wear athletic shorts on bottom. LOL That's why they are smiling and all happy. That and I'm pretty darn funny sometimes. Okay, they boys do "cut outs" or "fat heads" for the gym, and I took quite a few of those. Full body, being all cool and trying tricks and stuff. But I also took these few for me. Yep. I sometimes shoot for me AND BE FUNNY. So, here are the Varsity boys one by one, horizontal, just for me.And we have to do the "M" shot! LOVE these colors, the pretty blue and red. I'm realize I'm a Cooper Pirate through and through. ALL IN ALL THE WAY, but I sure do love the Plainsmen blue. And then the theme. Yep. A good theme can go a long way with a good group. Only problem? Last year we battled cold and rain, this year? HEAT AND SUN. IN OCTOBER. But they were troopers and pretty much tried everything I threw at them. Thank you boys. Thank you for being such sports in the hot sun and willing to "dive, crawl and jump" for me and my camera. I appreciate the spirit! And good luck with your season! I wish you well!

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