the one with National Night Out, LUNA

Who doesn't love popcorn? Huh? Who? Leave their name in the comments below. I wanna know so they can help out with National Night Out next year. I mean, if they don't like it, they won't eat it all, right?

National Night Out is a nationwide thing I had never heard about until I joined LUNA. Have I talked about LUNA yet? Gosh, I haven't. Okay, so my best friend, Toni, is the Executive Director for LUNA, Lubbock Neighborhood Association. And I am currently a member of their board. LUNA helped sponsor National Night Out. Here's a quick blurb from their website.

National Association of Town Watch (NATW) is a non-profit organization dedicated to the development and promotion of various crime prevention programs including neighborhood watch groups, law enforcement agencies, state and regional crime prevention associations, businesses, civic groups, and individuals, devoted to safer communities. The nations premiere crime prevention network works with law enforcement officials and civilian leaders to keep crime watch volunteers informed, interested, involved and motivated. Since 1981, NATW continues to serve thousands of members across the nation.

Two events were slated and being a board member, I helped out by running errands and setting up. Of course, I had to get my camera out. It's a great cause, get your neighbors out of the house and in each other's faces so that they KNOW each other and therefore, are more apt to pull together to help each other in the neighborhood. Win win in my book.

I'm hoping this grows each year and maybe even Saddleclub will want to get involved next year. Heck, my neighbors love a chance to get together and party! LOL

Love does,